Cocktail Tables – A Sophisticated Accent In A Simple world

A cocktail table sounds like a fancy and aristocratic thing to have in the house, unlike the coffee table which is a lot more common but don’t be fooled by that because the two are actually very alike. In essence, cocktail tables and coffee tables are pretty much one and the same thing with the difference that coffee tables have round tops and the others are either square or rectangular. However, round cocktail tables are not unheard of and this makes the difference between the two types inexistent.

White Cocktail tables

Both coffee tables and cocktail tables are designed to be placed in front of the sofa and to be used when entertaining guests, as supports for beverages and other things. However, cocktail tables are a bit more versatile than that. There’s a specific type of cocktail tables which is common for restaurants and bars.

Tall Cocktail Tables

This type of cocktail tables are not as low as coffee tables. They have small tops and slender and tall bases and they are used as accent pieces for terraces, in gardens as well as inside restaurants and bars. They’re small and intimate and useful in a variety of different situations.

Cocktail table with Stool Chairs

Usually, a cocktail table is not meant to accommodate more than two people. It’s perceived as a romantic and intimate table which allows two people to sit close to each other and to interact over a cocktail.

Elegant and rafined cocktail table

We love the elegant and refined look or round cocktail tables which are completely hidden underneath long and lush fabrics that fold casually on the sides and under the table. They’re perfect accent pieces for weddings and other events.

Grey Cocktail Table Design for a Modern Wedding Reception

You can tie the fabric around the table, under the top to emphasize the elegant and delicate silhouette of the table. Use ribbon or lace for a feminine and exquisite look. This works for tables with both round and square tops.

the most of a sophisticated cocktail tables

Of course, you can also make the most of a sophisticated cocktail tables by placing it on your front porch or terrace. In fact, they’re pretty common for outdoor spaces and even for interior areas such as the kitchen or the living room.

Contrast between the crisp design of the cocktail table

The contrast between the crisp design of the cocktail table and the view in the background is a very beautiful one which highlights the table’s slender figure and delicate structure. The image serves as inspiration for bohemian outdoor decors.

Backyard party cocktail tables

When you think about it, a cocktail table is the perfect piece of furniture for a variety of different spaces and settings including dining areas, bars, outdoor terraces, poolside spaces and even gardens and decks.

Cocktail table with Ribbon

To best make the table blend into the décor, take inspiration from its surroundings and cover it with a cloth that matches the walls or tie it with a ribbon in the color or the furniture or the floor.

Creating a rustic cocktail reception

It would be nice to try a rustic design when working with outdoor cocktail tables. For example, a checkerboard pattern would look nice against a living wall or in combination with a stone or brick floor.

Beautiful Cocktail Tables with Burlap

Although we love the lush and casual look of cocktail tables with delicate fabrics draped on them, we also enjoy the slender and elegant silhouette of these tables and the contrast of colors and forms.

cocktail table with simple fabrics

For a sophisticated look, cover a cocktail table with simple fabrics in rich or neutral colors. This royal blue shade looks amazing when combined with gold accents, especially in this setting.

Gold Accents for Cocktail Tables

Speaking of gold accents, this is definitely one interesting way to turn a small cocktail table into a centerpiece if you’re planning a special event or a party.

sequins cocktail table design

Sometimes the tablecloth matters more than the table itself. This one, for instance, is covered in sequins and it sparkles and stands out even when placed in a mesmerizing setting.

Wine Barrel Used Like Cocktail Table

Not all cocktail tables look alike. In fact, there are lots of different types and designs to choose from, just like in the case of coffee tables. This, for example, is a cocktail table made from a repurposed wooden barrel.

Cable Spoon Cocktail Tables

Another fresh idea for outdoor spaces is to make a cocktail table out of a repurposed cable spool. You can just leave it as it is or you can give the table a glass top. It’s a nice look for a rustic or an industrial cocktail table.

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