10 Largest Cement Companies Around the World

Cement companies have a vital role in global construction, so they have an outsized impact on economic development, infrastructure projects, and environmental sustainability around the world. The levels of construction have been increasing every year. According to IMARC, a marketing research company, the global cement market size value was $363.2 billion in 2022 and is expected to rise to $518.5 billion by 2028.

Largest Global Cement Companies

Understanding the largest global cement companies will give you key insights which will allow you to spot market trends, weigh economic impact, and evaluable investment opportunities. Knowing the leaders in this essential global industry will also help guide you in navigating the complex world of global interconnections.

Largest Global Cement Companies

There are various ways to rank cement companies. In this list, the companies are ranked in terms of cement production rather than annual revenue.

The Holcim Group/Lafarge Holcim

Lafarge/Holcim was created in 2015 as a merger between Holcim, a Swiss cement manufacturer and Lafarge, a French building materials company. This company is an industry leader in cement with a presence in at least 70 countries. LafargeHolcim specializes in the production of cement, aggregates, and ready-mix concrete. They have clients in the residential and commercial sectors and produce a wide variety of cement that cater to specialized needs.

Importantly, LafargeHolcim has committed to sustainable practices and has goals for reducing its environmental impact. They focus on promoting energy efficiency, optimizing the use of alternative fuels and raw materials, and minimizing carbon emissions. LafargeHolcim invests money in research into finding innovative and eco-friendly building materials.

Quick Facts for LafargeHolcim in 2022

  • Origin Country: Switzerland
  • Founding Date: 2015
  • Annual Revenue: 28.525 billion USD
  • Net Income: 2.443 billion USD
  • Estimated Production Capacity (mt/yr): 386.5 million tons of cement per year
  • Annual Cement Production (mt/yr): 286.6 mt/yr

Anhui Conch Cement

Anhui Conch Cement is one of the largest global cement companies and the largest cement company in China based on production capacity. It was founded in China in 1997. Industry experts know Anhui Conch Cement for its advanced production techniques, high-quality products, and commitment to sustainable development.

Anhui Conch Cement operates many cement and clinker production lines across various provinces in China. It has also expanded to surrounding Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Tajikistan. This company produces many different varieties of cement including Portland cement, slag cement, and specialized cement for specific applications. 97% of its cement is used in China with 3% available abroad.

Quick Facts for Anhui Conch Cement in 2022

  • Origin Country: China
  • Founding Date: 1997
  • Annual Revenue: 22.24 billion USD
  • Net Income: 5.83 billion USD
  • Estimated Production Capacity (mt/yr): 288 million tons of cement per year
  • Annual Cement Production (mt/yr): 217.2 mt/yr

China National Building Material (CNBM)

China National Building Materials Group is a Chinese state-owned cement producer and building manufacturer. It has a strong global share of the market with a presence in over 80 countries across the world. This company specializes in a wide range of building materials including cement, glass, fiberglass, gypsum boards, composite materials, and more.

CNBM is involved in every stage of the production process from the extraction of raw materials to the production of the final product. This means that it can cater to a wide range of product needs and innovate at all levels of production. CNBM commits to innovation and sustainable development.

Quick Facts for CNBM in 2022

  • Origin Country: China
  • Founding Date: 1984
  • Annual Revenue: 42.957 billion USD
  • Net Income: 2.670 billion USD
  • Estimated Production Capacity (mt/yr): 406 million tons of cement per year
  • Annual Cement Production (mt/yr): 176.22 mt/yr

Heidelberg Cement

Founded in Germany in 1874, Heidelberg Cement is now a global building materials company that operates in more than 60 countries and across five continents. Heidelberg Cement specializes in cement, aggregates, and ready-mix concrete. It produces a wide range of cement types including Portland cement, blast furnace cement, and composite cement. The company also features services like technical support, project management, and construction solutions.

Heidelberg Cement’s goals include increasing its environmental sustainability and responsibility with a commitment to improving energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, and optimizing energy efficiency. Industry experts also credit this company with a strong focus on quality and a commitment to keeping up with market demands and creating new products to meet these demands.

Quick Facts for Heidelberg Cement in 2022

  • Origin Country: Germany
  • Founding Date: 1874
  • Annual Revenue: 18.713 billion USD
  • Net Income: 1.758 billion USD
  • Estimated Production Capacity (mt/yr): 129 million tons of cement per year
  • Annual Cement Production (mt/yr): 121. 11 mt/yr


Cemex is a global building materials company, founded in Mexico, but now operates in over 50 countries. Its primary business is in the production, distribution, marketing, and sale of cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and building-related materials. The company strategically locates operations to allow for efficient workflow and delivery.

This company commits to corporate social responsibility and supports education, affordable housing, infrastructure development, and environmental initiatives in the communities where it operates.

Quick Facts for Cemex in 2022

  • Origin Country: Mexico
  • Founding Date: 1906
  • Annual Revenue: 15.351 billion USD
  • Net Income: 0.578 billion USD
  • Estimated Production Capacity (mt/yr): 93 million tons of cement per year
  • Annual Cement Production (mt/yr): 87.09 mt/yr


Italcementi, an Italian cement company, became a subsidiary of Heidelberg in 2015. This gave them more force in the global building industry. Italcementi operates cement plants, grinding mills, and distribution terminals that serve customers in domestic and global markets. This company has a significant presence in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa.

Industry experts recognize the achievements of Italcementi in the production of high-quality cement and innovative building solutions. They produce Portland cement, composite cement, other specialized cement, aggregates, and ready-mix concrete. Italcementi collaborates with building and university experts to explore new opportunities for building and sustainability innovations.

Quick Facts for Italcementi in 2022

  • Origin Country: Italy
  • Founding Date: 1864
  • Annual Revenue: 4 billion USD
  • Estimated Production Capacity (mt/yr): 77 million tons of cement per year
  • Annual Cement Production (mt/yr): 76.62 mt/yr

China Resources Cement

China Resources Cement is a large cement company in China. This company is part of the state-owned China Resources Group. CRC produces a wide range of cement types including Portland cement, composite cement, specialized cement, ready-mix concrete, and concrete products.

As a leading cement producer in China, CRC contributes to many major construction projects across China including highways, railways, bridges, and commercial real estate. CRC commits to corporate responsibility and participates in education, poverty alleviation, and environmental sustainability in the communities where they operate.

Quick Facts for CRC in 2022

  • Origin Country: China
  • Founding Date: 2003
  • Annual Revenue: 5.604 billion USD
  • Net Income: 990 billion USD
  • Estimated Production Capacity (mt/yr): 78.3 million tons of cement per year
  • Annual Cement Production (mt/yr): 71.02 mt/yr

Taiwan Cement Corporation

Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) is a leading cement producer in Taiwan and around the world. They operate cement plants, grinding facilities, and ready-mix concrete plants and produce Portland cement, slag cement, low-temperature cement, and high-strength cement products. The high quality of their products was recognized and certified by industry experts in the United States and Europe.

TCC has a deep commitment to research and development. They work to produce environmental solutions that reduce the impact of their product and seek to contribute to global warming.

Quick Facts for TCC in 2022

  • Origin Country: Taiwan
  • Founding Date: 1946
  • Annual Revenue: 3.670 billion USD
  • Net Income: 695 million USD
  • Estimated Production Capacity (mt/yr): 69 million tons of cement per year
  • Annual Cement Production (mt/yr): 63. 72 mt/yr

Eurocement Group

The Eurocement Group was founded in Russia, so it has a significant presence in Russia, but it also has a strong presence in surrounding countries like Uzbekistan and Ukraine. The Eurocement Group produces a wide range of cement products as well as aggregates and concrete products.

Since the war in Ukraine, the Eurocement Group has had to reorganize its business to adapt to supply chain issues. They have expanded their network of suppliers from countries that are not part of the sanctions. Historically, the company has focused on quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship. These goals position it to remain a reliable partner for construction.

  • Quick Facts for Eurocement Group in 2022
  • Origin Country: Russia
  • Founding Date: 2002
  • Annual Revenue: 50 million Russian Rubles
  • Estimated Production Capacity (mt/yr): 50 million tons of cement per year
  • Annual Cement Production (mt/yr): 45.18 mt/yr

Votorantim Cimentos

The Votorantim Group, founded in Brazil, is a diverse company with sectors in cement, metals, energy, pulp and paper, and finance. Votorantim Cimentos is the sector that specializes in cement production. This group operates cement plants, quarries, and concrete production facilities. They serve both domestic and international markets in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe.

The Votorantim Group has a strong commitment to innovation. They invest in research and development by collaborating with professional and academic institutions to drive innovations in their products and processes. This commitment helps them produce high-quality products and remain at the forefront of new trends.

Quick Facts for Votorantim Cement in 2022

  • Origin Country: Brazil
  • Founding Date: 1918
  • Annual Revenue: R$ 6.7 billion
  • Estimated Production Capacity (mt/yr): 54.4 million tons of cement per year
  • Annual Cement Production (mt/yr): 45.02 mt/yr

What are the Largest Cement Companies That Were Founded in the USA?

Many of the largest cement companies like LafargeHolcim, Cemex, and Lehigh Hanson (Heidelberg Cement) have very large production and distribution facilities in the United States. The three largest cement companies that were founded and still operate in the United States and abroad are Martin Marietta Cement Company, Ash Grove Cement Company, and Eagles Materials Cement.