DIY Christmas Centerpieces That Bring Cheer And Joy To Your Home

Christmas centerpieces are, as the term suggests, at the core of the whole festive makeover a lot of homes go through in winter. They may not be as imposing as the Christmas tree but they but they play their own key role in making the whole house feel cozy, welcoming and festive. So what are your options this season? Well, as always, we encourage you to explore your creativity and to make something special. Check out all these inspiring DIY Christmas centerpiece ideas we gathered for you today if you need a place to start your research from.

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A centerpiece is, by definition, a decoration which stands at the center of a dining table and we’ll get to that part in a moment but before we do we’d like to explore the broader sense of the term, the one which refers to the centerpiece as an element or a group of elements which form a focal point. In a lot of cases, that almost always involves the Christmas tree and the presents beneath it. If you want to squeeze even more charming decorations in, place the Christmas tree next to the fireplace and decorate the mantel with stockings, wreaths, candles and all sorts of other festive items. This setup featured on thefancyshack is one of our favorites.

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Now let’s look at what you’re actually expecting to find in this article: DIY Christmas table centerpiece ideas. One of the ideas comes from lilyardor and is as simple as it is charming. If you’d want to create something similar and just as beautiful, that would be easy. You’d need a piece of wood, large pillar candles, apples, rosemary and some twine.

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Another lovely idea for a DIY Christmas centerpiece can be found on jojotastic. It’s a particularly great fit for round tables. Start with a simple grapevine wreath. Place it at the center of the table and put some white pillar candles inside. You should use coasters so you don’t damage the table. Next, place some green moss between and around the candles just to add some color and texture to the centerpiece. If you want to add extra spark to your design, you can also place a geode with a tea light candle inside. It will look magical.

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White pillar candles are at the core of a lot of charming DIY Christmas centerpieces and for good reason. They’re so incredibly versatile and they can be paired with pretty much anything. That being said, check out this lovely JOY centerpiece featured on lovecreatecelebrate. The trick here is to use glass etching cream to create those lovely votives. These are actually cylindrical glass vases. They have the perfect size for these candles and they fit nicely inside those boxwood candle rings too.

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We’re well aware that not every has or loves candles, wreath or the other things we talked about so far so let’s check out a DIY Christmas centerpiece project that you can do with something very basic, something that everyone has: Christmas tree ornaments. Go pick the largest ornaments you can find in your box of Christmas decorations and turn them into cute little vases with round mirror bases. Your custom Christmas ornament floral centerpiece will be ready in no time.

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In the mood for something simple, modern and cute? We’ve got you covered. Check out these magical tabletop Christmas trees. Don’t they look adorable? They’re super easy to make and all you need is paper mache cones (cardboard ones would work too), a drill with different-sized bits (so you can drill holes in them) and battery-powered candles or string lights. You can paint the cones or decorate them with paper.

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If you’d rather keep the design of your DIY Christmas centerpiece simple and traditional that’s great too because then you can find inspiration in this lovely project from julieblanner. The supplies needed here include candles (either kind is ok), greenery branches (perhaps you have some extra ones from your Christmas tree) and fruit (pomegranates, clementines, oranges, apples, they’re ok good).

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Another nice source of inspiration is this post from thenorthendloft. That’s where we came across this really lovely centerpiece which is basically just a simple wood box with with three mini Christmas trees and Two large pillar candles inside. We love the burlap that fills the box and covers the gaps and we also love those little red accents.

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In case you have some empty Mason jars just sitting in your pantry, now is the time to put them to good use. You can use them to make a lovely Christmas centerpiece. The idea is to fill several jars with things like salt, cranberries and candles. It sounds like an odd combo but the result is actually pretty cool. Check out yellowblissroad to see what we’re talking about.

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Here’s a cool idea: if your dining table has a pendant lamp or a chandelier hanging directly above it, you could decorate that too around Christmas. It can be a nice way to indirectly highlight your charming centerpiece. Use greenery to bring the scent of Christmas into your home. The idea comes from brandisawyer.

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What exactly does Christmas smell like? Well, it smells like the things we usually associate this holiday with: The Christmas tree, pinecones, oranges, cinnamon sticks, etc. you can use some of these things to make your home smell lovely and to make a beautiful centerpiece in the process. How about a pinecone and berry centerpiece on a bed of fir tree clippings? Check out julieblanner to see how it could look like.

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If you want your Christmas tree to be your centerpiece this year, then you should focus on making it look special. That has a lot to do with the decorations you’ll be using so pick a theme first. Perhaps you could make a wildlife-inspired white Christmas tree centerpiece, much like the one featured on craftberrybush.

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Another one of our favorite DIY Christmas decorations is this simple wood-framed blackboard featured on aburstofbeautiful. We love it because it’s simple and because you can easily repurpose it and keep it on the wall long after Christmas is over.

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You can pretty much turn any feature into a centerpiece and a staircase is basically just asking for it. Decorating staircases is super easy because you can hang all sorts of things on the railings, like these JOY ornaments from quarters1. A festive staircase like this one makes the whole house look cheerful and ready for Christmas.

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You don’t have to overcomplicate your Christmas decor in order for it to be effective and to give your home the cheerful and cozy vibe that you wish for. It’s enough to put a Christmas tree in your living room (a small one can be super charming and more space-efficient that a huge one) and to hang Christmas stockings and garlands on the fireplace mantel. That’s actually a perfect description of this beautiful Christmas setup from thesunnysideupblog.