Choosing And Integrating Windows In Your Home’s Design

Why do we have windows on our homes? Do we even need them or is it just one of those things that stuck around from the early ages? We’re not gonna try to answer this question right now but it is interesting to think about it. Instead, we’ll review some of options you can choose from when trying to find the right windows for your home.

Corner windows new designView in gallery

Whether they house gets windows for the very first time or you’re replacing the old ones, you can think of making a change. For example, instead of just having one row of windows, what if you could have two? You’ll get more light and better views.

Contemporary house glass windows aroundView in gallery

These windows seem interesting too. They have a large, fixed upper part and a lower awning insert. Such a strategy could be useful to catch a breeze or to let the pets go out and back in without using the door.

Large windows living roomView in gallery

Optimize the views with huge arched windows. Here, the entire ceiling is curved, a very beautiful architecture element. Even if the upper windows only show the sky, it’s still a stunning way of completing the image.

Bedroom round windowView in gallery

Round windows are always interesting and here they are showcased in two different sizes. The larger one forms the perfect backdrop for the cozy seating nook and also provides lovely views for the bed. The smaller window is merely a decorative element.

Kitchen backsplash windowView in gallery

The kitchen needs plenty of natural light but regular windows tend to be a little unpractical. They occupy space you could better use to hang cabinets or shelves. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have practical windows in the kitchen. How about a backsplash of windows? That looks pretty cool.

Modern kitchen room with rectangular windowsView in gallery

Another interesting option for the kitchen is to have a row or three or four windows which can form a sort of folding partition. Open it to enjoy a panoramic view and to let fresh air get in.

Bedroom with no furniture only the bed and natural lightView in gallery

In rooms where there’s no need for a lot of wall-mounted furniture you can include as many windows as you want. For example, enjoy views on two sides from your bedroom and, if you want, you can even install a smaller windows above the bed so the sun can get in in the morning without disturbing you.

Living room french windowsView in gallery

Open the social areas to the outside. Use large windows to strengthen the connection between the indoor and outdoor areas. Get windows that go all the way up to the ceiling. In modern or contemporary homes, you can replace these with glass walls.