Chocolate Brown Owl Shelf

A room designed specifically for children needs furniture destined specifically for children.The Chocolate Brown Owl Shelf is made from certified poplar wood which was carefully selected, hand cut to shape and sanded smooth.The Owl Shelf is a unique idea to bring nature or woodland themed child’s room, nursery or even a family mud-room. The shelf looks really great and will be perfect for your kids because kids of all ages love birds and this way you will also bring a piece of nature in their room. Besides, the ancient Greeks believed that the owl was the symbol of wisdom, so what other design would be perfect for a shelf where your children will store their books? It is funny and interesting at the same time and the fact that it is made of poplar wood which is lightweight makes the shelf more secure for kids. So, even if it gets loose from its place and falls , nobody will get hurt seriously. It is now available for 59$.

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