Cattelan Italia Atlas Glass Coffee Table

The name Cattelan Italia has been around for 32 years now and whatever the brand creates, designs or manufactures is never short of winning laurels and awards. The latest offering from the brand recognized and revered worldwide is the Atlas Glass Coffee Table and the brand touts the product as Italian contemporary design at its aspirational best. It is a choice of special metals, glass marble, crystal and leather which make these products a near piece-of-art glorifying the interiors. This particular coffee table comes with a decorative steel base in anthracite, silver, white or black varnish.

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Coffee tables are usually a decorative piece. So there are a lot of different designs when it comes to this furniture piece. People are no longer satisfied with a simple and plain design so they want more. Usually the most common choice is wood but there are also a lot of glass coffee table that seem to be very appreciated.  In this case the base is usually the focal point of attraction, since the glass in transparent.

This is just the case with this glass coffee table. It’s simple, except for the base. It’s also modern and has a sophisticated look. So it would make a great addition to any modern home that shares the same style.The Cattelan Italia Atlas Glass Coffee Table is priced at £635.