Camilla Chandelier looks gorgeous

The Camilla 6 –Arm Chandelier is worth watching as the structure so beautiful with its faceted crystal leaves that sparkles at the end of adjacent branches. The wonderful Chandelier has a diameter of 28 inches and 29 inches height with a 6-inch chain. The structure is given an old finish in a cast of iron with glass crystals. The Chandelier is also topped with ivory candle sleeves.

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Usually I don’t like chandeliers because most of them look very fancy and too sophisticated. They always have an exaggerated look. But as for this one I have to say it surprised me. It looks so disorganized and messy but it’s actually very well thought. It’s a combination of iron and glass and the design resembles tree branches with little glass leaves. The bulbs also seems to integrate naturally in the design.

It would make a great addition t a living room, regardless of the fact that it’s modern or more traditional. When placed into the right environment it looks gorgeous. When I first saw the chandelier I really thought it was made of wood, because of the natural color. But iron is ok too, considering the design and the fact that it’s a chandelier, so it has to be made from a more durable and resilient material. It’s a very beautiful piece with a vintage touch.