Calming Colors: Decorating with Soothing Shades of Blue

If you have had the opportunity to lounge on the perimeter of a body of water this summer, I’m almost positive you’ve felt the calming influence of the water. This isn’t in your imagination, either. As the natural “color” (or, at least, the appearance) of water, the color blue is associated with cleanliness and elicits positive physiological responses, such as comfort and peace. Using calming colors such as blue in your home tends to bring about an atmosphere of serenity.

Decorate with shades of blue
crockford sofa with a blue tufted leather

Keep in mind that blue is associated with the intellectual as well as trust, efficiency, serenity, duty, logic, reflection, and calm. It can also have negative associations, though, such as aloofness or coldness.Here are 19 ways to incorporate various soothing blue hues into your space in a gorgeous way, whether subtle or standout.

Ombre Blues.

Axel Bergholm Coffee Table

The grey undertones of this ombre blue collection on have an immediate relaxing aesthetic. Mimicking the rippling of a pond, the surface of this beautiful side table needs no extraneous adornment or clutter, leaving the blue to speak for itself in a profound design sense.

Steel Blue.

Steel Blue for Wall unit storage

Paint out the interior of built-ins or bookshelves for a subtle way to soothe the space. Glass shelves are a great choice in this case, because they keep the blue line seamless and smooth.

Prussian Blue

microloft table setting

Interestingly, although not surprisingly, study after study finds blue to be the world’s favorite color.Although certain tones can read, visually, as cold or unemotional, the majority of blue hues bid us welcome. What better nonverbal message could you send with a simple blue-touched place setting at dinner?


Blue Gray Kitchen Design

There are few combinations as lovely as brass and blue-grey, and this kitchen with campaign-style cabinetry is no exception. Warm oversized tiles on the backsplash keep the walls simple, making the blue-grey the star of this show.

Marine Blue

Blue Tufted Armchair

In the US,the color blue is associated with authority and trust. In classic pieces, such as this tufted-leather wood-framed armchair, the use of a strong marine blue makes an excellent contribution to a classical, almost historical feel of the furniture.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue to pair

Pair a bold, vibrant shade of blue (such as cobalt) with white for a striking combination. Particularly when these yin and yang colors are merged in a geometric structure, the effect is both striking and appealing. This is a wonderfully friendly strategy for commons areas, such as the dining table.

Ice Blue.

Ice Blue Chair

Cool aesthetic emanates from the use of (aptly named) ice blue in the home. The color is soft and pale but holds its own with its aesthetic temperature. Pair or surround the piece with plenty of warm hues to create a stunning, restful corner.

Cornflower Blue

perrouin blue chair set - Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue has been paired with cottagey, country décor for a long time now. While the color is as sweet as can be, it can hold its own quite easily within a contemporary setting. Pair with blonde woods for a calming, comfortable match.

Sky Blue.

Sky blue smart living furniture

Sky blue is often used in retail spaces because it has been shown to evoke a calm, soothing experience for leisurely browsing shoppers. Use that same mindset with sky blue in your home to exude comfort, leisure, and companionability, such as on clean-lined cupboard doors.

Midnight Blue.

Midnight blue for bedroom

As the color of the mind, blue is inherently soothing while also, in strong forms, being capable of stimulating clear thought. The bedroom seems a perfect place to incorporate this mentally calming hue that leads to clear communication, don’t you think? Particularly in moody, sexy shades like midnight blue.


ego paris coffee table

Paired with white and grey, turquoise is refreshingly clean, colorful, and harmonious in a space. Particularly when used in large doses, as on a floor, turquoise makes the entire space seem to be at peace…encouraging visitors to be comfortable in their own skin as well.

Pewter Blue

Pewter blue coffee table

A cool pewter-blue contrasts nicely with a very warm space, creating an overall homey and welcoming vibe that urges you to come in, sit down, and stay awhile.

Ombre Blue

Ombre blue ottoman coffee tables

Not an actual color, but it’s still a terribly effective technique when it comes to incorporate any calming color in a subtle way. Ombre looks well on a larger surface, where a chunk of solid color could be somewhat visually assaulting (which, obviously, is anything but calming).

Powder Blue.

Powder blue color for bedroom

Some tones of pale blue can even transform into beautiful analogous colors when used in conjunction with cool greys and white. The almost aqua look of this door behind the grey and white bed’s tufted headboard illustrates this beautifully, with an aesthetic effect that is both calming and inviting.

Federal Blue.

Wall art with blue waves

Classic and sophisticated, federal blue has just enough grey undertone to command respect and seniority while still keeping a toe in the “colorful” pot. As an oversized art piece, federal blue makes a lovely, dignified impression, particularly when paired with white and wood tones.

Baby Blue.

Outdoor canopy blue accents

Baby blue (or another lighter shade of blue) is a common color to use in a bedroom, for scientific as well as aesthetic reasons. While red stimulates the senses and raises blood pressure, blue has the opposite effect and calms and soothes the mind. It needn’t be saved for baby boys’ bedrooms, though – baby blue has just an important a place in any grownup space’s design.


Blue background for chair display

Arguably, one of the most beautiful shades of color is a deep blue-green shade, like cerulean. The color reminds us, on a subconscious as well as conscious level, of wet, cool, and tranquil places of retreat. Warm wood tones make a lovely, nature-inspired combination.


Indigo color to decorate

Providing a bit of unexpected lightness with a naturally darker shade of blue, such as indigo, is an unexpected and beautiful design strategy. The visual surprise makes the blue in this particular setting become the star feature.


Aquamarine l shaped sofa

Because of the mental effect blue has on us, rather than the physical reaction of red, we can use it confidently even in large doses. Lighter, soft blues will even calm the mind and aid concentration, which is an important element in settings where bonding naturally occurs, such as the family room.