Calligaris Hero Chair

I am a merry and optimistic person, so you can say that I “see life coloured in pink”. I like being surrounded by merry people and also by colourful things. So this Calligaris Hero Chair seems like the perfect choice for me. It is pink (even though it can be available in other colors, too), it is cool and modern and it is very practical, as you can use it both indoors and outdoors. This chair is produced by the Italian company called Calligaris and they seem to be famous for combining quality, technology and style when designing their products.

Assembly herochr real  main This chair is the best example and it is really cool. It is made of polypropylene plastic which makes it water and weather resistant and also makes it appropriate for outdoor use, too. The circles sculpted in the chair allows water to drip from it and make it look pretty interesting as design. The four legs are thin and elegant, but strong enough to support a body weight. The chair sells in sets of four and it is a good thing that they are stackable, four being the perfect number of chairs you can place on top of each other. Apart from Fuchsia (yes, I admit, I called this colour pink), the item is also available in green, Milky white and red and can be bought for $590.40 (set of 4).