Feet to Inches – ft to in

If you need to switch from feet to inches, use our calculator below. To manually change from feet to inches, multiply the number of feet by 12.

Feet (ft) to Inches(in)

Type a value in the Inches(in) field to convert the value to Millimeters(mm):

There are 12 inches in one foot. To calculate inches, multiply your feet value by 12.

Inches = feet x 12

Feet(ft) to Inches(in)

Reference the feet-to-inches table below for common conversions.

1 ft12 in
1.5 ft16.7999 in
2 ft24 in
2.2 ft26.4 in
3 ft36 in
3.75 ft45 in
4 ft48 in
4.25 ft51 in
5 ft60 in
5.5 ft66 in
6 ft72 in
7.5 ft90 in
8 ft96 in
10 ft120 in
10.5 ft126 in
12 ft144 in
13 ft156 in
15 ft180 in
16 ft192 in
18 ft216 in
20 ft240 in
25 ft300 in
27 ft324 in
30 ft360 in
35 ft420 in
40 ft480 in
48 ft576 in
50 ft600 in
80 ft960 in
100 ft1200 in
200 ft2400 in
300 ft3600 in

How to Convert Feet to Other Common Units

If you need to convert feet to other units, use one of the following formulas.

One foot is the equivalent of 0.3048 meters. Therefore, to go from feet to meters, multiply by 3.281.

Meters = feet x 3.281

There are 30.48 centimeters in one foot. To go from feet to centimeters, multiply by 30.48.

Centimeters = feet x 30.48

There are three feet in one yard. To calculate feet to yards, divide by 3.

Yards = feet ÷ 3

There are 5,280 feet in one mile. So, to convert feet into miles, divide by 5,280.

Miles = feet ÷ 5,280

There are 2,640 feet in half a mile. To turn your feet into half a mile, divide your feet value by 2,640.

Half mile = feet ÷ 2,640

One kilometer contains 3,280.84 feet. To go from feet to kilometers, divide by 3,280.84.

Kilometer = feet ÷ 3,280.84

What is a Foot (Unit of Measurement)?

A foot is a unit of length from the British Imperial and United States Customary Units Systems. One foot contains 12 inches. The plural of foot is feet, the abbreviation is ft., and the prime symbol is

The United States and the United Kingdom use the foot to measure length. But, the U.S. is the only country that uses the foot rather than the meter in commercial and engineering standards.

Interesting facts about the foot:

  • One foot is equal to U.S. shoe size 14 for males and 15.5 for female
  • The U.S. and UK measure a person’s height in feet and inches, while most other countries measure height in centimeters
  • Today’s 12-inch foot unit was the length of King Henry I’s actual foot

What is an Inch?

An inch is 1/12th of a foot. Inches are a standard unit of measure on imperial tape measures and rulers. The prime symbol for an inch is “. You can use the inch on its own or in conjunction with a foot. For example, when measuring height, you may see it listed as 5′ 6”, which means five feet and six inches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What’s the difference between an inch and a square inch?

An inch measures length, while a square inch measures area. A square inch has four equal sides, each measuring one inch long.

What’s the difference between a foot and a square foot?

A standard foot (12 inches) is a length measurement, while a square foot measures area. Square footage is a standard measurement for determining the space in a home. One square foot has four 12-inch sides. 

What’s the difference between an inch and a cubic inch?

A cubic inch measures volume, like the amount of liquid in a cup. A cubic inch has a height, width, and depth of one inch. A regular inch can only measure two-dimensional objects.

How many inches is 5’ 8”?

Five feet and eight inches equal a total of 68 inches.

How many inches are in one foot of snow?

If you received one foot of snow, that’s the equivalent of 12 inches of snow.