Café Table Dresser by Shin Azumi

Cafés are special places where people come together and share their thoughts. I think coffee is a special drink that must be discussed over and that makes its flavour even more delicious. People who run these places are very inspired and purchase round tables that are perfect for intimate and long talks over a cup of steaming coffee. But these nice round tables can also be used inside the house, as your favourite coffee table. And the Café table dresser by Shin Azumi that I am presenting today is the perfect choice for your living room. That is because of its special feature – it hides a small dresser under the table top.

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Instead of having only a narrow board as table top, this one has a wider part as top and the upper part that serves as table top can be lifted like a lid, giving you access to the space beneath. It’s not much, but it’s enough for a small dresser where a modern woman can keep her trifles, her small things that she needs all the time. It is perfect for all the make up and and perfume bottles, all the cosmetic products, as it has a mirror attached to the lid. It’s your choice to use it for storing whatever you need to or to simply use it as a coffee table. The designer Shin Azuni from Japan proved very creative when designing it.