5 Modern Pieces Of Furniture For Stylish Outdoor Spaces

You may think that your options are very limited when it comes to furniture for the outdoors but that’s not necessarily true. Just like in the case of the living room, for example, there are numerous different furniture options and lots of things to accessorize the space with.

Fat sofa outdoor upholstered gardenView in gallery

Simple, with rounded edges and an overall pleasant look, the Fat-Sofa has a versatile design that could look really beautiful in a variety of settings. Put it on the terrace, on the deck or in the garden and complement it with other elements, just as casual and chic, or let it stand out through contrasts.

Sectional garden bench and vondomView in gallery

Benches may seem really simple but not all of them are. The AND bench is definitely not like any other. It has an undulating design that cuts through the air with grace and style. Given its shape, this bench could also serve as a sculptural decoration for the garden or poolside area.{found on vondom}.

Seater sunbrella garden swingView in gallery

The Bundle swing set is really quirky and not necessarily because of its design. It’s actually a hybrid piece of furniture somewhere between a bench, a daybed and a sofa. It’s made of aluminum tubes which reference the branches found in nature and it’s all held up by straps that also double as a backrest.

Round wooden coffee tableView in gallery

Aside from comfortable seats, an outdoor area also needs a table. Champignon is so cute you can’t possibly resist having one. It’s a small table that looks like an upside down mushroom. And it’s not just for the outdoor because you can use it inside the house as well.

Apple polyethylene garden pouf View in gallery

It’s good to always be prepared and to always have extra seats for potential guests. Folding chairs are a good option but poufs and stools are just as great. For the outdoor areas, we found these little things called Apple. They were designed by Egidio Panzera and they’re a sort of hybrid between a pouf and a coffee table.