Top Choice Colors That Go With Burgundy

Adding contrast and depth to any space, burgundy is a solid color choice for many styles. Often passed over as too bold of choice, burgundy blends in well with a multitude of colors and it comes in many shades itself. This makes it easy to add as much or as little as you’d like.

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Add it into your home with a simple throw pillow or paint it onto a wall, burgundy is sure to transform your space into the vibrant area you’ve been hoping for.

What Color Is Burgundy?

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The burgundy color is a dark reddish-brown that carries a purple tint. Dark red color with rich history, it gets its name from the French wine region of Bordeaux, a name the color is also referred to.

What colors go with burgundy?

If you’re considering adding burgundy to your home’s color palette, start by evaluating where it may fit into your home already and what colors go with burgundy that you can add into your color scheme.

Let’s take a look at the colors that best compliment burgundy.

What Are The Best Shades Of Burgundy?

Gorgeous Colors That Pair Cicely With Burgundy


TealView in gallery

Falling in the cool spectrum itself, teal and burgundy have the potential to be something special. Their ability to create a vibrant yet cohesive feel is an unexpected, but welcome surprise.

burgundy and tealView in gallery
My Domaine

A daring mixture that’s certain to make a statement, the burgundy color and teal is bound to catch an eye or two.


BeigeView in gallery

A more common color combination, beige and burgundy is a classic. Beige provides an air of warmth while the addition of burgundy adds depth.

burgundy and beigeView in gallery

Whether you choose to use burgundy in your space through paint or accessories, the level of contrast is noteworthy when paired with a beige.


PurpleView in gallery

For those that prefer a room full of life at every turn, burgundy and purple is the way to go. This fun color palette works for the simple fact that burgundy’s primary undertone is purple.

Burgundy and prupleView in gallery

The pair more recently found together in intricately patterned rugs is becoming a more common find on shelves everywhere.


BrownView in gallery

Perfect for the brown furniture finatic, the burgundy color and brown are a simple transformation to an already existing color. It’s a traditional vibe that can seamlessly be incorporated with a multitude of styles in need of a facelift.

Bungundy and brownView in gallery
Home Designing

Leaning toward a more formal look, these colors pair well with darker wood grains and trimmings.


WhiteView in gallery

The color combination with the most stark difference, burgundy and white creates a modern and minimalistic style. The brightness of the white balances out the deep red in such a complementary way that’s easy to please.

Burgundy and yellowView in gallery

This rich color contrast is unmatched, so if you’re searching for a look with bright, clean lines you’ve found it.


GrayView in gallery

Seeing as gray is a neutral color, it makes choosing an accent color an easy task. So why not liven up your room with a burgundy color?

Burgundy and grayView in gallery
Alexis Bednyak Design

Adding warmth to an ordinary backdrop, burgundy has the potential to breathe life into your gray space.


PinkView in gallery

Lighter pinks like blush make a perfect pair for burgundy. Creating a whimsical background, pink and burgundy make a color palette that cannot be ignored.

Burgundy and pinkView in gallery

Romantic in style and bright in feel, these colors manage to balance each other out, each claiming their own (much deserved) spotlight.


BlackView in gallery

You might imagine burgundy and black would produce a darkened, gloomy result but that’s far from the truth. When it’s done right, these colors invent a dramatic flare that’s unrivaled.

burgundy and blackView in gallery

Several shades on both sides give you the freedom to pick the depth of your palette. A classic combination, these two strong colors together make a powerhouse look.


GreenView in gallery

Burgundy and green together have the tendency to bring the holidays to mind which isn’t what most people want in a living space. It doesn’t have to evoke those thoughts when it’s done right though.

burgundy and greenView in gallery

A lighter green such as olive can be used as more of a neutral shade in contrast to the burgundy, drawing you away from the holiday feel and toward a traditional design.


GoldView in gallery

Looking to achieve an ornate living space with soft touches of luxury everywhere you look? Gold and burgundy can do just that. Timeless meets elegance with this color combination.

burgundy and goldView in gallery

Picking a few gold statement pieces paired with burgundy accents will have your guests immersed in luxury at a price you can afford.


BlueView in gallery

Another classic color combination, blue and burgundy are a sharp collaboration. Navy in particular is commonly used alongside burgundy making for an inviting space.

burgundy and blueView in gallery

Two dominant colors can clash though, so be sure to use them skillfully to prevent overwhelming the room.


OrangeView in gallery

A stimulating pair that’s as dynamic as it is unique, burgundy and orange makes for a comfortable backdrop.

burgundy and orangeView in gallery
Mad About the House

These two colors work together to provide a warmth that couldn’t be achieved apart and a freshness that turns the room into a haven of relaxation.


IvoryView in gallery

A step above the starkness of white, ivory is a neutral alternative to a crisp desired result. The two together create a stunning contrast without being too barren.

burgundy and ivoryView in gallery
Charlton Home

The softness of the ivory will push your burgundy pieces to the forefront in their rightful place.


RedView in gallery

With burgundy being made of up half red itself, it’s no wonder that the two play well together. Burgundy being on the deeper end of the red spectrum means you have plenty of brighter reds to choose from when imagining your space.

burgundy and redView in gallery
The Spruce

The duo combined adds an energy to the room that’s certain to be noticed by its guests.


YellowView in gallery

Not to be confused with gold, the yellow and burgundy combination is in a category all its own. This spirited pair will shake things up with its balanced but mellow atmosphere.

burgundy and yellowView in gallery
Natalia Kravtsova

When used correctly, these pops of color will build an inviting, modern feel that every home should have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How can I incorporate burgundy into my home?

That depends on how much of the color burgundy you’d like in your space. For pops of color, try throw pillows, blankets or an accent couch. For more of a focal point, do an accent wall or full wall of color.

Is burgundy a cool or warm color?

Contrary to popular belief, burgundy is actually a cool color. This is because of its purple undertones. Purple, being predominantly cool, gives burgundy its place in the cool category.

What colors make burgundy?

Primarily, burgundy is made up of three colors: red, brown and blue. The mixture of red and blue is what creates the purple undertones burgundy is known for.

Is burgundy the same as maroon?

No. They sometimes get used interchangeably, but they’re actually two different colors. Burgundy leans more red and purple while maroon is more red and brown. A slight difference but a noticeable one at that.

Are there different shades of burgundy?

Yes. The color burgundy comes in different shades ranging from lighter on the red side to darker on the brown side.


Whether you’re looking for a bit of added color or a full-blown statement piece, burgundy has a lot to offer. Its surprising ability to mesh with an array of colors makes it easy to incorporate into any room.

A bold color choice that packs a punch, burgundy is a risk worth taking to level up the style of your home.