bOne Chair Winning Design

The annual award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design went this year to the Creative bOne Chair , created by the Swiss architecture , interior architecture and design firm JDF Raum and Kunst. The Good Design Award was won by the bOne Chair  probably because it is  a chair with a playful  air designed especially for people with a sense of humor.  The intricate design of the support structure mimics in some way our bone structure.

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The most resembling part of the chair , with our  biological nature is represented by the upholstery. That looks like the skin cells, packed  one by one , carefully clustered to form a tissue. The seat,   also conforms to the biological line and it moves in the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling for  both comfort  and looks. Another interesting feature which was imagined to increase the comfort level is the fact that the chair follows the contour of each individual’s ergonomics.

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The structure is very hard and resistant and the holes in it can be filled  with those green pads as you like in the combination you desire to create a beautiful decorative  element with strong accents. The texture and the material used to manufacture these  small individual cushions allows you to rearrange the pattern for an unlimited number of times. There are very resistant  but soft  to ensure a very comfortable stylish sitting.