Bohemian chair by Patricia Urquiola

Style is such a relative concept. It’s hard to compare different items and decide which one is beautiful and which one is a failure in terms of style and aesthetic appeal. However, sometimes there are some unmistakable details that make your job easier. Still, you can’t be lucky all the time so you’ll have to rely on your senses and personal opinions. I’m now in the process of writing this article and I still can’t make my mind when it comes to create an opinion concerning the next item.

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The Bohemian chair has been designed by Patricia Urquiola and to me it looks like an attempt to reinvent a classical design and to make it look modern and even stylish. As I’ve already said, it’s just an attempt to so all that because the final product doesn’t look very convincing. I have to admit that the name has been well chosen. The chair emanates some sort of bohemian air, it makes your mind go back in time and imagine some high-class people sitting on this kind of furniture and discussing important matters.

It would probably have been better if the designer have followed the original, sticking close to the basics without trying to achieve something that was obviously too much to ask. However, regardless of the design, the chair actually looks very comfortable. In this area it was a success. Still, a person must first like the way an item looks like and then discuss the other aspects, more practical and functional. But then again, style is not something that you can appreciate as being good or bad, wright or wrong, so each person is free to have its own opinions.