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A Stylish Fix For Bland Interiors – Our Guide On Blue Accent Chairs

Your home is your haven and choosing the right color scheme and style for the furniture is essential. You may feel tempted to choose based on the first impulse, when a piece looks adorable and you just want it. But it often happens that once you reach home and try to fit it in the existing decor, something doesn’t add up.

Blue Accent Chairs

Today’s article gives you an insight in the accent chair universe. As their name suggests, they are more than simple chairs. Besides providing comfortable seating, such a piece also complements your home’s interior. These chairs can contrast with a specific color or draw attention to the desired area. Or they can simply be that splash of color in a plain palette.

Learn more about how to choose the best accent chair for your space. Explore all your options and check out our selection of blue accent chairs. We’ll tell you more on why blue is such a great color choice and help you make some sense of all the styles available. Have a seat and let’s get started.

Everything You Should Know About Accent Chairs

Accent Chairs

We’ve settled the fact that accent chairs complement the interior design of your home. Drawing attention through color or shape, they should match the rest of your furniture. Here is a quick overview on the most common accent chair designs, from wingback, to slipper or barrel. Pick out your favorite (we’ll give you a sneak-peek into our list of blue accent chairs). Then, go through our list of rules, to make sure you make a wise, well-thought choice.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

An oversized chair is like, the best of both worlds when you can’t choose between a loveseat and a standard chair. Also known as a chair-and-a-half, this type of accent element provides generous seating. However, it is only meant for one person only. To get an idea, take a look at the Daughtery Armchair.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Comfort, style and unique blending of contrasting materials is what a mid-century chair brings to your space. Inspired by the post-WWII decades, the mid-century modern elements are the proof that style is timeless. Clean cuts, tapered legs, daring colors, unusual materials, all merge perfectly here. For a unique touch, check out the Goldfinger Armchair.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

The egg chair surprises with its out-of-the-box design and comfort it can provide. Designed by Arne Jacobsen back in 1958, this type of accent chair features a high back and a tilt mechanism. In other words, cozy lounging is ahead with an egg accent chair in your space. An unexpected version would be the Westbrook Swivel Balloon Chair.

Occasional Chairs

The occasional chair comes under many shapes or sizes, making it a very versatile piece. What you may like about it the most, however, is that such a chair is usually lightweight. That means you can move them around wherever you need. For any occasion, this type of accent chair will be a blessing. Most models are armless, to help keep the weight down. But you’ll love the appealing, sleek design of an occasional accent chair, for sure.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Looking to add a French twist to your interior? Well, the name chaise longue (“long chair”) comes from French. But the chair itself is simply a long reclining chair, very similar to a deckchair. You may also hear the English version of lounge chair. No matter the name, this type of furnishing can add a note of sophistication and comfort to your chosen area. For a modern version, we suggest the Alvarado Lounge Chair.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

If there’s a design that stands out, the wingback chair has it. With a tall back and trademark winged sides, this type of accent chair is ideal to complement a large sofa. Thanks to its ample silhouette, it can help balance the scale. For example, take a look at the Bouck 21” Wingback Chair. Sitting next to the fireplace in a wingback chair is also a fabulous option for cold winter evenings. You could even use it as end chairs at the  dinner table. Keep in mind that their sturdy structure makes it a bit harder to move them around from one place to another.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Chesterfield chairs are closer to a large sofa. They feature rolled arms, of the same height as the back. Usually, you’ll find them with deep button tufting and nailhead trim. History dates these beautiful chairs back to the the mid-18th century. One of our favorites is the Forsyth Club Chair.

Spindle accent chair

When talking about a spindle accent chair, you should expect enchanting wooden details. A spindle is a cylindrical, symmetrical shaft, made of a single piece of wood. It has been around since the 17th century. Common in Western Europe, it had a decorative role on chairs, table legs, candlesticks and more. In the case of a spindle arm chair, you will notice the beautiful symmetry of details on the wooden frame.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

The bergère chair brings a royal vibe to your room. With a palace-like look, this accent chair is by far, more than a symbol of elegance. Fitting even a contemporary space, it is a delight for the eyes, with its exposed wooden frame. You’ll find a bergère not only in French palaces but even at the White House. The loose seat cushion tones down formality and ensures plenty of comfort too. Just look at this beauty, the Didonato Armchair.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Evoking the style of a gentleman’s club, with chic looks and cozy seating, the club chair is great to snuggle in. Usually, it features a leather upholstery or nail-head trim. For inspiration, we suggest the Odelia Armchair. Such a deep, spacious chair is ideal for reading.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

The barrel chair or the tub chair is very easy to recognize, thanks to its unique shape. It features a high, semicircular back, with support for the arms as well. It is a single upholstered piece, suitable for various styles. A chique model is the Ibiza Armchair.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Perfect next to a coffee table or in small spaces, the slipper chair is an armless, small-sized jewel. Its origins go all the way back to the 18th century when ladies needed a chair to put on and remove their shoes easier. That also explains their name and small silhouette. If you want to break the rules though, we suggest the Mayo Modern Armchair.

Now that you have an idea of the variety of designs, how do you decide on just one? Rules are, of course, meant to be broken, so you’ll often discover models that fit into more than only one category. However, here are some essential guidelines to follow, when looking for an accent chair.

How To Choose The Best Accent Chair?

  1. Try it out!

You don’t want just a pretty face taking up space in your home. So, before you buy, we recommend you check the comfort provided by an accent chair. If you’re wondering why, the answer is simple. If a chair is not cozy, you won’t be using it too much. And that is not the purpose. So, test it out and see how well you can curl up in one.

In case your having some doubts, that’s a clear sign you should keep looking.

  1. It’s a (decor) match, right?

You want to make a statement with your accent chair, but you don’t want to scream or be rude. Mixing elements that are from two different ages can end up in a visual disaster. The same principle applies to color and size. So, make sure the accent chair and the furnishing you already have are compatible.

  1. Check for durability prospects.

In case you incline more towards a vintage accent chair, put safety first. Make sure you antique piece is sturdy enough to last for a while. Weakened legs or an unstable structure increase the risk someone falls on their back. And you wouldn’t want that to happen to your guests, right?

  1. Get your measuring tape ready.

For a visually appealing scenario, take some measures. Literally. Define the area where you will place your accent chair. Consider size and scale, so it doesn’t take up more space than you can afford. And also, you don’t want it to ruin the cozy home vibe, by being too bulky or too small. Keep things as accurate as possible, when it comes to dimensions.

  1. Don’t break the piggy bank.

You may feel an urge to invest in an eye-catching accent chair. Yet, keep in mind that investing more than your budget allows attracts drawback. An accent chair will not provide the same level of comfort as a sofa or a bed. So, keep your feet on the ground while your imagination gets enchanted by accent chairs.

Why Choose A Blue Accent Chair?

First of all, blue is the world’s favorite color. This is what a YouGov survey conducted in 10 countries, across four continents states. But perhaps you don’t want to base your choice on what’s popular. So, let’s see what other reasons are there, to make blue a top-choice color for interior decor.

Just close your eyes and try to picture something blue. Maybe it’s the color of the sky on a summer day. Or you dream about the endless ocean blue you witnessed on your last vacation on an exotic island. Closer to home, maybe someone you love has blue eyes. Long story short, blue is strongly associated with many things. And colors influence our emotions, perceptions and mood even.

In interior design, the color blue helps create a calming, cool atmosphere. Ideal for work, meditation, it is often considered a pure, peaceful nuance. Studies even show that blue can help lower blood pressure and heart rate. Lighter shades create the illusion of a larger space. In hot or sunny spaces, blue can contribute to a cooling sensation.

Back to our astonishing accent chairs, let’s put under the magnifying glass the best color combinations. Place your blue accent chair in a room decorated with warmer tones, to inspire confidence and serenity. Use it in pair with yellow, for a summer, energetic vibe. Opt for a navy or darker shade of blue, to convey professionalism for your business space. In a child’s room, match your blue chair with “lollipop” colors, like candy pink or mint green.

Our Exquisite Selection Of Blue Accent Chairs

Okay, lots of theory, but what about practice? Here is our rigorous selection of accent chairs, in beautiful shades of blue. Take a look and find your favorite.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Ladies and gentlemen, the Forsyth Club Chair is here to help you relax in style. A gorgeous shade of navy blue embraces the luxurious genuine leather upholstery. The nailhead trim and elegant button tufting add to its sophisticated vibe. This accent chair seat is more than cozy, thanks to its high-resiliency foam filling. Place it in your office or living room and enjoy the chic touch it brings.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

With the Daughtery Armchair, you’ll get a taste of the stylish mid-century era. With a classical design and golden-toned, tapered legs, this teal accent chair is a jewel. Its design enriches your lounge or any living area while the diamond tufting adds a glam note.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Make a daring statement with the Westbrook Swivel Balloon Chair. Functional and with an out-of-the-box design, this curved accent chair is hard to resist. Say “no” to monotony with this wingback piece. With an upholstery inspired by the British flag, this blue chair also features a toss pillow, for extra comfort.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

There’s nothing like a summer vibe, right in the comfort of your living space. The Ibiza Armchair is the kind of accent chair you need for that. In an enchanting light blue tone, this piece is also pleasant to the touch, thanks to the velvet upholstery. The brass curved base takes your imagination straight to the party vibes.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Timeless, classy, simply beautiful, that is the Morford Welsh Wingback Chair. The navy blue leather tapestry makes it ideal for spaces that convey professionalism. Enjoy reading in style while feeling cozy, thanks to the dense foam seat filling. The brass nailhead trim adds to the vintage vibe of this accent chair.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

The Goldfinger Armchair is a synonym for eye-catching geometry. In tone with minimalist tendencies, this navy velvet gem brings modern right in your home. Inspired by the mid-century trends, it features a polished brass base and clear, cut lines. The soft button-tufted cushions ensure sitting is both fashionable and cozy.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

When you want to revive the glory of the past, the Bouck Wingback Chair is a good option. With a solid oak wood frame, this accent chair will not pass unnoticed. The superb wingback and tapered legs merge in an elegant way. The turquoise velvet upholstery complete its distinguished look. Durable, fashionable and comfortable, this flared-arms chair is ideal for any contemporary space.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Looking for a quirky piece to include in your interior design? The Canterbury Armchair can contour some unexpected lines in your favorite room. Ideal for a glam touch, this accent chair is stylishly covered in rich blue velvet. The golden metal base contrasts with the upholstery in a fabulous way. You know your guests will love the impact and you’ll enjoy the comfort of the foam-filled cushions.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

The Aloisio Armchair is all about classy looks and top-notch comfort. With a generous seating surface, this velvety piece comes with a shiny metal base, for a modern touch. Royal blue upholstery is a win for a notable impact, in any room. The daring arm design makes it a great piece for breaking the monotony.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Dark blue upholstery and an iron frame turn the Mayo Modern Armchair into a charming piece. This accent chair is so simple, yet elegant, that you just want to have it. This shade of blue matches any decor you may have at home, while the sleek design is perfectly balanced. Simplicity equals beauty and this blue chair is proof.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

If you feel trapped in routine when decorating your space, stir things up a bit with the Odelia Armchair. The classy navy blue shade of the leather upholstery conveys professionalism. So you could easily integrate this accent chair in a business environment. But it can look great even at home, in your office or library. The elegant nailhead trim and tapered legs bring a dazzling note to the overall look.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

The embodiment of ultimate style, the Hubbard Wingback Chair makes you want to stay a bit longer. With a luxurious velvet upholstery, button-tufted back, this accent chair spells glamour. The golden metal legs add that modern spark to it. You will simply fall in love with this gorgeous navy blue piece.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Choose your favorite shade of blue, as the Didonato Armchair looks fabulous in any of them. Available in teal or navy blue velvety tones, this elegant chair makes you embrace glam life. The button-tufted upholstery and recessed arms add to its charm.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Lean back and relax, the Alvarado Lounge Chair complements any decor. Inspired by the mid-century design, this accent chair promises good taste and practicality. It features a rubberwood frame and a foam-filled seat, for extra comfort.

Jani Armchair with gold arms

Get ready to feel like a movie star. The Jani Armchair will add that bold Hollywood vibe to your space. Indulge with comfort and fashionable style. The golden metal frame embraces the navy velvet upholstery, for a glam touch. You simply can’t resist it.

Before You Have A (Blue) Seat…

Remember to check out your space, your budget, your home decor.  Explore and be creative when choosing your accent chair. Yet, keep in mind you want it to complement your space, not make you feel like you have an elephant in the room. Let us know in the comments what’s your favorite type of accent chair. Till next time, sit down and relax with style!