Black Orchid Table

Dining tables are supposed to be big because they gather the whole family for dinner. Even if I we are talking only about the festive dinner that takes place three or four times a year on different occasions, we still choose the dining table for this and we do not use it regularly, on a daily basis, any more, because we are always on a rush and prefer having a fast lunch or dinner in front of the TV, in the kitchen or maybe have the dinner out in the city. This beautiful Black Orchid Table looks like coming from the old movies with big and rich families that sit quietly over the dining table every evening, formally dressed and speaking very little. It is nice and elegant, classy and stylish.

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This table is made of weathered grey oak and this also confers a special air of a family inheritance. It has a beautiful and rusty finish that allows you to keep it bare, without any table cloth or adornment on, being enough to make the room brighter and more elegant. The table is rectangular and made of grey solid wood and also has a remarkable design, especially when talking about the beautifully carved and curved legs. The table is hand made and hand finished and can allow 6 people to sit around it for the dinner. The product is available at Black Orchid Designers for £891.00 .