BIFE-SIM 2013 Tells Us The Story Of Furniture Over A 5 Day Event

This fall you have the opportunity to find out amazing things about furniture and design at the BIFE-SIM fair which will open its doors on September the 17th and will end on the 21st. It will be held at Romexpo, in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

BIFE-SIM is a conglomerate of styles, from classical designs to antiques and contemporary creations

Over 300 producers and distributors from all over the world will be here showcasing thousands of amazing furniture design in the most diverse styles. The story of furniture will the told over a period of 5 days in a series of conferences and competitions.

Visit the Dizainăr stand where tradition takes an unpredictable turn for the modern

Don’t forget to visit the Dizainăr stand where traditional Romanian designs have been brought to the level of art. Here you can find all sorts of unconventional and unique pieces created by Romanian designers, all based on traditional concepts and ideas but elevated to where they have become a statement and an expression of creativity and ingenuity that characterizes contemporary design.

Simplicity is key and here you’ll find amazing creations made from the most common materials
These lovely stools and their matching coffee table are a perfect example of thinking out of the box
You can identifythe stand by the amount of pallets used in the décor
The designers showcased here aim at creating something extraordinary out of something ordinary

Dizainăr is a concept store with an ambitious goal: to take Romanian design to the level of international manifest. It offers unique products available in limited editions and created by designers. They are affordable, of great quality and they give you the guarantee that you’ll have something authentic and different.

The products vary from simple and common pieces to statement creations
All the creations in this particular area are minimalist and perfect for contemporary spaces
Innovation plays a very important role in the whole philosophy of the store
Admire playful creations that bring something new and unique to the table
Get advice and learn more about the store and its designers
At BIFE-SIM you have the opportunity to look for inspiration and to see what’s new in the domain
You can find a variety of designs and styles, including classical and antiques
The styles vary from ornate and sophisticated to simple and minimalist
You also have the opportunity to learn how to combine styles and influences
You can find furniture for all the rooms of the house as well as for other spaces
Sumptuous designs definitely stand out, especially when they lure you with color
The event aims at enlarging our horizon and to get us closer to local design
Thousands of designs can be admired, in the most diverse styles. Leather and solid wood.
The vast array of options also offers solutions for those seeking to furnish their homes

Each day you have the opportunity to be part of events and programs designed to offers information about furniture and to tell its story, from the state of brute material to its finished form. So hurry up!