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What are the Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress?

If you can’t keep up with the new changes in the mattress industry, we can’t say we blame you. It is surprising how many different types of beds currently exist and how companies are constantly finding new ways of improving comfort by introducing new materials and constructions to the mattresses we are already acquainted with.

Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid mattress is just one of the many types of beds out there, and it’s one type that’s gaining plenty of popularity. From the traditional innerspring mattresses that people used to know and own decades ago, these beds have evolved to a construction that uses several materials designed for comfort and support. And with all the options out there, one can’t help but wonder: what makes a hybrid mattress better compared to other types?

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are the perfect example of “having your cake and eating it too”. As the name implies, these products combine layers from multiple other types of mattresses, such as foam, latex, and innerspring, offering benefits from all these materials. The catch? They’re somewhat expensive.

For anyone wondering what a hybrid mattress is and how it’s constructed: these mattresses are designed with coil support core and a comfort layer that’s made from either foam or latex. The core of the mattress is always made up of pocketed coils that are wrapped in cloth or fabric for more support and reduced motion transmission. For further cushioning and stability, a layer of foundation foam is generally placed beneath the support core. This foundation is nearly often constructed of polyurethane foam, also known as polyfoam.

What Is a Hybrid Mattress

For the mattress to be called a real hybrid, the comfort layer needs to be constructed with at least two inches or latex or memory foam or both (the precise ratio will vary depending on the manufacturer). In certain situations, the comfort layer is strengthened with gel to reduce heat retention. Hybrid mattresses have many qualities and one of the most important ones is breathability, offering increased airflow compared to other types of mattresses. 

#1: Added comfort and support

A hybrid mattress is basically a bed that used more than just one type of material in its construction. Generally speaking, hybrid mattresses are made with an innerspring core layer, and several other layers on top of it. These layers can be made from materials such as memory foam, polyfoam, latex foam, latex, cotton or wool batting, etc.

Added comfort and support

Naturally, the fact that a hybrid mattress uses different types of materials means that sleepers can get the benefits that each of the materials used in the construction provides on an individual level. What does that mean? It means that a hybrid bed with an innerspring layer offers support that is specific to a coil system, it means that using latex in the mattress will make it cooler and give it a nice bounce, and it means that using foam will provide better contouring and comfort. In other words, you are getting the best out of multiple worlds.

#2: Added versatility

When you buy a bed that’s made entirely out of foam, for example, there is only a limited number of things that a manufacturer can give you when playing around with different types of foam and creating a bed out of them.

Added versatility

When we’re dealing with a hybrid mattress, it opens up a world of possibilities in terms of how different materials and their densities can be combined. Think of it this way: there are only so many dishes you can make using just potatoes, but if you could use potatoes, chicken breast, and a handful of vegetables, think of all the possible combinations and outcomes you could get.

Since we’re talking about a bed that uses multiple materials in its construction, one of the consequences is having a mattress that’s more likely to please you and comfort you. Hybrid mattresses can address almost every type of sleeper out there because manufacturers have access to foam, latex, cotton, coils, and other materials.

#3: More cooling

Foam is known to be a material that traps heat, but hybrid beds are generally made with a core layer that features individually-wrapped coils. This means that each coil in the construction of this layer is surrounded by fabric, and one of the many benefits of this type of construction is the fact that there’s plenty of space in between the coils in order to allow air to circulate inside the mattress.

More cooling

Now imagine if on top of that innerspring layer you have something like latex (which is naturally a cooling material) or foam that’s infused with copper or gel or has an open-cell construction. You’d basically be doubling the odds of having a mattress that instead of trapping body heat on its surface and causing you to sweat while you sleep, you’d have a bed that absorbs heat and pushes it towards the bottom side of the mattress, leaving your body feeling more refreshed.

#4: More technology

A hybrid mattress is, without a doubt, an innovation in the mattress industry. That means that unlike a bed that’s made from a single type of material, manufacturers are trying to add more new stuff and experiment with how different materials can be combined, much to the delight of us sleepers who have to get as much comfort and support as we can.

More technology

In other words, if the mattress industry has discovered some new thing that will help us sleep better, you are more likely to see said innovation across multiple hybrid mattress brands, thus granting you more options in terms of what mattresses to buy if you want to benefit from “this new thing”. Keep in mind that hybrid beds do pose a disadvantage: they are more expensive compared to other types of beds.

#5: More firmness options

A hybrid mattress that’s made by a brand that is really serious about making good beds will often provide its buyers with more than just a firmness option. You will find plenty of hybrids that give you at least two firmness choices so that every type of sleeper can find comfort in that particular bed.

More firmness options

Keep in mind that the firmness of a bed should be chosen to match your body weight and your favorite sleeping position, as side sleepers, for example, are more likely to find comfort in a bed that has a softer comfort layer, while those who like to sleep on their stomach need a firmer bed, one that doesn’t allow the hips to sink into its surface.

Best Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress

Plush Hybrid Latex MattressView in gallery

For those who prefer to sleep on their backs and stomachs, the DreamCloud is a good choice and is considered to be the best hybrid mattress around by many testers. Its medium firmness rating makes it suitable for people who weigh less than 130 pounds. This hybrid mattress features a core that’s made from polyfoam and pocketed coils. 

The top cover is made from Mongolian cashmere and features a soft, yet durable surface. The bottom cover is made from a durable yet lightweight material. The top layer of the DreamCloud Mattress features a half-inch of polyfoam. A layer of gel-infused memory foam provides support to the shoulders and other high-pressure areas.

The memory foam layer has a density of 2.5 PCF and is rated at 10 IFD. It provides a slow-responding memory foam feel. The hybrid mattress features a layer of gel-infusion that helps cool the body. A soft 1.8 PCF polyfoam transition layer provides a cushion between the soft comfort layers and the dense support core.

The DreamCloud Mattress features a variety of support layers that help provide a level of comfort and support. These include the pocketed coils and the higher-gauge coils around the base. The support layers help prevent motion transfer and promote airflow. The DreamCloud Mattress has a higher profile than most mattresses, which makes it easier to get on and off for people with limited mobility.

As far as price is concerned, you can expect to pay around $999 if you find a sale on a DreamCloud Queen hybrid mattress. The standard price for the Queen bed is a little under $1,600.

Layla Hybrid Mattress

Plush Hybrid Latex MattressView in gallery

The Layla Hybrid features a soft and stretchy cover made from a blend of polyester, viscose, and spandex, and could take home the crown when it comes to searching for the best hybrid mattress. Its breathability makes it ideal for sleeping. The handles on the sides of the cover are made of thermoplastic polyurethane.

The Layla Hybrid has two sides that contain copper-infused memory foam. On the medium side, which is the most popular, is 2.5 inches of foam. Its density is 3.5 pounds per cubic foot, which makes it relatively durable. Copper helps cool the body and maintain a cool surface, which is why the Layla mattress has a copper-infusion.

The Layla Hybrid has a transitional layer on each side. These layers are made from high-density polyfoam and are designed to support the shoulders, head, and neck. The transitional layer acts as a support base for sleepers. The Layla Hybrid’s support core is divided between the top and bottom side of this flippable mattress. It features a split support core that’s divided into six-inch coils.

The Layla Hybrid is a high-profile mattress that measures 13 inches thick. Its flippable design allows it to be used with two sides, and its transitional layers provide support and comfort. The Layla hybrid mattress is somewhat expensive, so you have to be prepared to pay almost $1,700 for the Queen hybrid mattress version of this bed. 

Awara Mattress

Plush Hybrid Latex MattressView in gallery

The Awara Mattress features a plush, Euro top cover that’s made of organic cotton and New Zealand Wool. It provides a cooling airflow and is capable of offering additional breathability, just like most hybrid mattresses do. It features a 4-inch layer of natural latex foam. This comfort layer is made from the sap of rubber tree plantations. It is certified by the GOLS and Rainforest Alliance.

Due to the composition of the latex, the Awara Mattress’s comfort layer is usually firmer and denser than Talalay latex. This material also tends to be more durable. The Awara Mattress’s base layer is made up of a pocketed coil support system. This layer measures 9 inches thick, which is above the average we’ve seen in other hybrid beds.

The support layer is designed to provide extra support to areas of the body that are heavier than the shoulders and hips. It features thick-gauge coils that provide soft contouring around the back and legs. The Awara Mattress is 13 inches thick (and considerably thickers compared to other hybrid beds), which allows it to support sleepers of heavier weights without making them feel like they’re sinking into the bed. 

The Awara mattress falls on the expensive side. If you want a good Queen hybrid mattress, you can expect to pay $2,098 for it (if you want to wait for a sale, the price will drop at around $1,200). 

Nolah Evolution Mattress

Plush Hybrid Latex MattressView in gallery

The Nolah Evolution Hybrid Mattress combines the feel of memory foam and coils. It features a pillow-top that provides a plush feel, while its quilted Euro-top cover provides cushioning and additional comfort for all sleepers. The ArcticTex layer features a thermal conductive outer surface that draws heat away from the body, meaning it can help you sleep cool.  This layer features a two-inch breathable gusset at the top of the bed.

The AirFoamICE comfort layer consists of two inches of graphite-infused polyfoam. This material draws heat away from the body while providing pressure relief. The HDMax Eco Support Coils feature a patented eight-inch thickness that allows sleepers who share a bed to independently move without excessive motion transfer. The zoned middle and head support helps promote healthy spinal alignment.

Offering an impressive 15 inches in thickness, this mattress height is distributed across the two-inch cover, the AirFoamICE layer which measure another two inches, the transitional foam which is another two inches, the eight-inch pocketed coils support core, and one extra inch of foam to protect the base of the mattress. 

If you hurry and purchase the Nolah Evolution, you can get a good deal on an excellent Queen hybrid mattress and end up paying around $1,500 instead of more than $2,000. 

Eco Bliss Mattress

Plush Hybrid Latex MattressView in gallery

The Eco Bliss is a hybrid latex mattress that features five plush layers of support and comfort. It is made with 100% natural latex. The mattress debuts with a super stretch organic cotton cover with a soft, non-marking surface that helps minimize pressure on the overall surface of the mattress. The other four layers of comfort and support help minimize body movements and offer proper spine alignment and the cushioning you need from your bed.

The Eco Bliss conforms to your body and features five plush layers of support. The top layer of the mattress is super-stretchy to protect the surface while providing deep sleep. Its second layer is flame-resistant. The second layer features 4 inches of natural latex that provides the ideal buoyancy for optimal sleep. It also features a supportive foam core that helps prevent body indentations and sagging. The fifth and final layer is made of spruce woods and features a unique design that provides great pressure-relieving support. 

The eco-friendly design of the cover features a soft, organic cotton lining that’s designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit. This cover is made with a wool layer that’s designed to keep the body warm and the environment safe. The mattress is relatively expensive, but if you wait for a sale, you can end up paying $1,000 for a quality Queen hybrid mattress.


There are plenty of benefits when looking at a hybrid mattress, but it’s also very important to know what you’re comparing it with. The benefits of a specific type of bed are best highlighted when we have a reference point that allows us to compare it with something that’s already familiar to our readers.

Hybrid mattresses are gaining a lot of popularity because they are a great alternative to having to settle for a mattress that’s made from a single type of material. With the added comfort and support that these beds offer, the fact that they cost more than other types of best is somewhat justified.