Deck Shade Ideas To Give You Relief This Summer

Decks are wonderful structures that you can use to gather on and enjoy your family or even your own company. But there’s one problem with decks that seem to affect everyone who has chosen to build one.

deck shade ideas

Decks don’t naturally have any shade. They are usually simply wood structures that consist of wood planks on supports. But just because they don’t usually have a shade doesn’t mean that they can’t have a shade.

Top Deck Shade Ideas Of 2021

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Image from Oakbridge Timberframing

There are many deck shade ideas out there, and many of them will go beyond 2021. Adding a deck shade can be as simple as buying something for it or building something that works perfectly for the job.

Check out the deck shade ideas we have for you today and decide what is right for you. Not everyone will have the same resources nor the same preferences. So you really have to customize your deck shade.

Choose The Right Side

This may be simple but it can work perfectly. Find out what time you want to be outside the most. Then, coordinate your deck placement with that. For example, let’s say that you want to spend your evenings outside.

If you want to watch the sunset, then put your deck on the west side of your house. But if you want more shade as opposed to a good view, then put your deck on the east side of the house. The north and south will give you a balance.


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A pergola is a wonderful structure consisting of posts with slats on top that let the sun through moderately. This can add shade when you add a roll-up canvas to it or if you decide to add hanging plants or vines.

Alternatively, a pergola can give you a half-shade. It’s great if you want a little bit of sun but prefer not to get sunburnt. This gives you good control over the shade that you do get. You can even put the canvas up halfway.

Shade Sail

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Image from Lloyd Architects

A shade sail is a unique structure made just for this. It is a sail that is placed over an area. It looks like a trampoline or a life net used by firefighters. But it can cover a huge area or a smaller area, depending on its size.

Shade sails are easy fixes that can be left up or that are put up and down as needed. They are usually secured with poles that come with the shade sail kit but can be secured to trees and the corners of a house. 


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Image from Ramapo Awning Company

Awnings are usually for temporary use but they can be permanent too. Both options are wonderful for a deck because they both work very much the same. Temporary awnings can slide in and roll out from another structure. 

But permanent awnings may be preferable if you want to use your deck often. Permanent awnings are weatherproof and offer shade all of the time. You can even install vertical shades on the awnings.

Garden Walls

Garden walls don’t offer the best shade but they sure to feel amazing. You can build tall hedges or get some trellises and add plants to them. Having a green wall around your deck can be the best move you can make.

Garden walls aren’t necessarily easy to install on your own, so you may need to contact a landscaper. They can work with you to design a dream garden wall that will take care of shade and offer many benefits. 


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Image from Fiberon Decking

An umbrella may not be large, but it can offer you enough shade. You can get fairly large umbrellas that will shade a few chairs and a table. If you need the shade around noon, then this is perfect because the sun will be above.

You can get multiple umbrellas and take them down in the evenings. This way, you have the shade when you need it and have space opened up when you don’t need the extra shade. This is also the cheapest option. 


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Image from Allison Landscape & Pool Company

Not many people know what a palapa is by the name but most people will recognize these structures with the thatch roofs. Yes, the Mexican palapa is a wooden structure that offers shades like a pavilion. 

The difference is that you can make a palapa really cheaply or buy one. The ones you buy can be fake or they can be genuine, the price being affected by this factor. But the look that it gives you is the same.

Seating Near House

If you have a tall house then you can have shade for a long time during the day. Just put any seating near the house instead of near the edge of the deck. This will make sure that the house offers the most shade.

If you don’t want to use your house as shade, you can use another building as shade by putting the seating there. You can also use multiple buildings by rotating the chair placement throughout the day.


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Project from Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

A yurt is an Asian tent that is round in shape. Today, the yurts aren’t usually made of animal skin as they once were, but you can build one all the same. You can buy them or build them with canvas. 

Because of the hole in the top, they offer sunlight but are still very shaded. An alternative to a yurt is a teepee or chickee. You may not be able to create one authentically, but you can use them as inspiration. 


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Project from Decks by Kiefer LLC

A gazebo is similar to a pergola but a gazebo is fully covered. Most of the time, a gazebo is octagonal in shape, but it can be a square or rectangle too. Either one can work for a deck. It simply changes placement.

The octagon gazebos are usually small and need to be placed in their own spot. But a square or rectangular one can shade the entire deck. They work more like a pavilion and are often considered pavilions instead. 

Garden Hoops/Arbor

If you want a non-intrusive type of shade then an arbor or garden hoops can help. They usually aren’t very wide but they can cover a long distance. They will also help you feel close to nature by surrounding you with green.

Garden hoops are hoops you stick in the ground and allow plants to grow on them. Arbors are similar but are usually wooden while garden hoops are usually metal. They both work the same for shading. 


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Image from Back To Nature Decks

Trees offer shade, of course. You can plant as few or as many as you want and they will offer nice shade for your deck. There are many ways to do this around a deck and they are all based on personal preference.

You can add feature trees by building your deck around them or you can add a row of trees that appear like a grove that your deck is built in. This is highly customizable so find out what works for you.


Canopy is often a loose term. It can be used to describe a natural canopy created by trees or one that was built by man. But the canopy we are referring to here is a canopy that pops up and that can be purchased online.

A canopy in this sense is a square structure that is easy to set up and easy to take down. It is a structure that offers amazing shade because the ends come down a few inches to block out angled light.

Add A Roof

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Image from Deckscapes Inc

This one is kind of obvious but you can’t forget it. Decks can have roofs and be converted into porches. There’s nothing wrong with a porch if you want to have shade all of the time. So don’t rule this one out. 

A great option is to add a roof to half of the deck. This works well if one of the areas is lower than the other. Then you can add a shade to the upper level and still have the lower level for sunbathing. 

Build A Sunroom

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You can build a sunroom over your deck to get the most out of it while still keeping away the unwanted aspects. This will keep bugs away, it will offer shade, and you can even take naps on a sleeping porch. 

Sunrooms are so amazing and should truly be added to any house that the homeowners can afford to do so. There are so many benefits that blend indoor rooms with outdoor spaces to give you the best of both worlds.

Deck Shade Ideas Done Your Way

The most important part of shading your deck is doing it your way. Not everyone has the same wants or needs. So find the option that works for you. Even if it isn’t on the list, it’s still a great option if it works for you.

You can get creative and share your ideas if you’re feeling generous. Go DIY with it and create a masterpiece that deserves to be recreated time and time again. Never be afraid to be bold and try something new