Beautiful Farmhouse Dining Room Transformation

This dark and outdated farmhouse dining room got an upgrade fit for a king. With a lot of hardwork and passion this scary room is now the perfect gathering spot for family and friends.

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As you can see this dining room didn’t need a lot of tampering with. A fresh, clean coat of paint made all the difference. With this new look the room is bright and feels more airy than it was before. The next step was to stain the floors and then to clear coat them, a task that made them look new. Another thing they did was to remove the old chandelier and replace it with a more modern light pendant.

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Now, all that was left to be done was to decorate the room. They chose a rather big table that could house a lot of people, but to keep things interesting they played a little with the chairs, choosing different types to give it a playful look. A cabinet was placed in the space in order to provide storage and a hint of color. The carpet is also a great element because it is made out of wool and brightens the place up. The most interesting thing was that they didn’t need curtains because the house is tucked back off the road and very private.

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The results of this renovation are amazing. They managed to lighten and brighten the room with an eclectic flair.{found on curbly}