Banquete Chair for Kids

My children have a ton of stuffed animal toys, but they do not play with them too much. But they do like piling them up and then throw themselves on the top of the pile like rock stars in a concert. That reminds me of my own childhood, so I guess it is a universal delight to use the soft and fluffy toys as a comfortable chair or bed. Well, I only played this way, some some clever guys called Fernando and Humberto Campana went one step further and designed the Banquete Chair for Kids in 2004. It was an instant hit.

Campana bear chair 480The idea is pretty simple, but brilliant: you take a pile of fluffy teddy bears and sow them together until you obtain a very comfortable seat for your favourite banquete chair. Then you add a metal frame with four sturdy legs for support and you are ready for the most entertaining rest in your life. The manufacturer is Estudio Campana, Brazil and now it offers this chair for sale as an exclusive item that was released on the market in 2004 and is no longer manufactured nowadays. However, those who are interested in purchasing it will have to send a View in gallery

request for the price at Moss.