BAK Architects construct Concrete house in Mar Azul Forest

400 kilo meter south of the Buenos Aires is Mar Azul which is a seaside town, well known for its large dune beach and the leafy coniferous forest. The region considered to be dangerous has been chosen by few owners as a challenging topography, they do not choose a place for their cottage which is neither away from the sea nor the most lived zone.

BAK Architects construct Concrete house in Mar Azul Forest21

They are at the moment more focused on the construction alternatives such as low budget, reducing the impact of the landscape and minimum or posterior maintenance and mainly the construction in the short time. They have plans of making their house in a shape of a prism which will have extended proportions with a minimum height and it’s supposed to have a big diagonal slope which is supposedly close to 6m between the opposite corners.

This is just a prototype kind of construction. On the balcony they have the main ambiences one followed by the other and both are connected by the deck. The sunken side we will find the bathrooms and the kitchen. The dining room is found at the end and it goes partially underground. The architects are Maria Victoria Besonias, Guillermo de Almelda and Luciano Kruk from BAK Architects . The total land are covered is 595.50 square meter and the area built so far is 90 square meter.