Ark Home With A Drawbridge And Amazing Views

Some of the most interesting house designs are the ones that make you rethink and reconsider even the most basic things and concepts. For instance, a house that is entered via a drawbridge is not something you see everyday and that little detail makes all the difference.

Ark house holiday home valley and views
Ark house holiday home surroundings

That’s actually a feature we found on Konieczny’s Ark, a private home located in Brenna, Poland. The house was designed by KWK Promes, an architecture studio established in 1999 by Robert Konieczny. It designs both residential and public buildings, always with a focus on the interesting and the unusual.

Ark house holiday home closed off shutters
Ark house holiday home boat shape

The design of this unusual hillside home is quite unusual, being reminiscent of a boat hence the name it was given. But even though the design and architecture as a whole are enough to make the house stand out, it’s actually the little things that give it the edgy and interesting character that we love so much.

Ark house holiday home seen from the side
Ark house holiday home platform base

As you can see, the house doesn’t sit flat on the ground. There are actually several reasons for that. One is the nature of the site which is sloped. Also, there’s the risk of landslides that made the architects design the house like this. In addition, they also chose this option for security reasons.

Ark house holiday home large windows
Ark house holiday home platform lights up at night

The house doesn’t have the usual front door. Instead it’s accessed by a drawbridge which also serves as a staircase and a window shutter. This is one of the most interesting and most unusual features of the house.

Ark house holiday home drawbridge entrance
Ark house holiday home drawbridge down

The building follows the slope and features a solid platform and lets the house cantilever over the valley. A minimal approach was used when designing the house and also when dealing with the surroundings.

Ark house holiday home social area terrace
Ark house holiday home social area

The entire house can be closed off with shutters when nobody’s home and when privacy and extra insulation is needed. The location is perfect for a holiday home. The panoramic views are amazing and they can beautifully admired from inside through the full-height windows or from decks and terraces concealed by the shutters.

Ark house holiday home living space
Ark house holiday home dining area

The interior of the house is just as simple and its architecture. The rooms have large windows that let the outdoors in and this means keeping the interior décor simple and neutral creates a really balance while also emphasizing the contrasts between them and the surrounding landscape.

Ark house holiday home corner lounge

The living room, dining space and kitchen share an open floor plan and a narrow terrace which can be accessed via sliding glass doors. They get lots of natural light and they’re bright and open. The functions are visually separated by furniture, area rugs or accent features.

Ark house holiday home bedroom terrace

The bedroom area also has access to a glass-encased terrace which means that the views are an important part of the interior décor. Simple materials, colors and finishes are used here and everywhere else in the house, the idea behind them being a well-balanced, warm and comfortable environment and ambiance inspired by nature and the surrounding landscape.

Ark house holiday home bathroom hallway
Ark house holiday home bathroom mirror wall

Wood and concrete were extensively used, complementing each other and creating a modern look throughout the house. The bathroom makes nice use of these materials and their natural beauty. they’re used here in combination with glass partitions and white fixtures.

Ark house holiday home angled platform on slope