Amazing ProtoHaus timber trailer home

I have always dreamt about a trailer home and I think we all do it at a certain point in our life… Who does not want to travel with home comfort? ProtoHaus is an amazing timber trailer home, a timber frame or “stick built” house, based on the ideas of sustainability, functionality and aesthetics at the same time. Made of recycled materials, the transportable house in the picture was built on a trailer bed rated to withstand 14.000 pounds.

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Not only it looks very well, but it also has integrated separate fresh, gray and black water systems, which allow for remote removal and disposal of waste and at the same time, solar and wind system power allowing it to be off grid. The interior is obviously not too large, but it has everything you might think of and even more, a great inviting bed, an open kitchen, a table that can also serve for a desk and all sorts of objects necessary when you travel.

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In spite of the fact that this moving house is not large, it is comfortable enough and has it all, it gives you the freedom to accomplish your dreams, to go where your heart wants, stay as long as you want and enjoy everything around. It is not the kind of permanent home, but it is definitely ideal for traveling! I would certainly like to have such a house at least for a while and to travel everywhere! Don’t you?