Aluminum Hexagon Side Table

Side tables are useful, but also decorative, as they are small and you cannot store too many things on them. That is why their design is more important than their utility and you use them for bringing some more beauty to your home. This Aluminum Hexagon Side Table is unusual, yet very nice looking, an odd piece of furniture that looks like a sculpture that is covered with mirrored sides. This side table has a very narrow print that it is very useful when you have little space.

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The side table has a hexagonal shape and so does its base, looking like a tall pillar made on a beehive cell of wax and honey. It is all shiny and reflects light in a pleasant way, bringing a bit of glamour to any room. This side table is made of polished aluminum and it has a geometrical yet very nice design, attractive and still very strict in shape and angles, with many facets and many options for placing either in a corner or even in the middle of the room.

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It arrives already assembled, so you don’t have to worry about putting it together, but you should take care of it and wipe it with a soft cloth every now and then in order to remove the unaesthetic smears and fingerprints that are very visible on a reflective surface like this one. The item is now available for $149 at West Elm.