Allison Tufted Chair

Sometimes I look in the mirror before going out and I think I am dressed in a rather boring or not so interesting style and I just add a small accessory that draws attention and will add the plus of chic that my clothes lacked so far like a red purse combined with red shoes or maybe a nice orange scarf or maybe a daring turquoise necklace over an all black dress or suit. This totally changes my appearance and gives it the plus of style it needed before. You can do exactly the same thing with your living room. When you have a nice living room but with nothing to catch your eye in particular, then it is time for you to purchase a centerpiece like this Allison Tufted Chair.

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This chair is rather retro in design, as it reminds you of the way chairs used to be manufactured some decades ago. But it is so nicely made and has such an interesting and appealing look, that it will immediately become your favourite piece of furniture. The seating and the back rest are both covered with a nice tufted fabric with raised circle pattern throughout. The back rest is a bit larger at the top, with some beautiful curves on the sides. It has a strong frame and soft cushions and this will provide the resistance and comfort you need. It is available in many colour combinations and you can have it for $239.