Agate Napkin Rings for a Holiday Dinner Table

It’s so nice when it’s finally the holiday season and you go to pull out your fancy table settings and you smile because you love those pieces. But if you’re me, you rummage around and remember that you have some nice things you love, but you always like having something new and fun at the table for guests to comment on. These DIY agate napkin rings are perfect for just that. They are incredibly easy to make and really inexpensive.

Agate Napkin Rings
DIY Agate Napkin Rings

There’s nothing better than when a guest comes to your holiday dinner and complements you on something you made. Especially when it didn’t cost a fortune and was simple to make because then you can make something new every year and not feel bad about it! So keep reading to see what you need to make these fun agate napkin rings!

Agate Napkin Rings Materials

Materials to make these agate napkin rings:

Agate Napkin Rings Plate

How to make these agate napkin rings:

First you’ll want to start heating up your glue gun depending on how long it takes to heat up (mines from the 90’s so it takes a while…).

Start by finding the end of the wire and starting to bend it into a tighter spiral. I curled mine to be about an inch and a half in diameter. Keep curling it around until the wire curves around a full circle four times.

Agate Napkin Rings Circle
Agate Napkin Rings Large Circle

Once you have your smaller spiral shaped how you want it, use your wire cutters to cut your spiral off from the rest of the wire.

Agate Napkin Rings Creating Circle

Align the agate stone with the spiral in a way that looks nice to you. You want the agate stone to directly touch at least two of the wires in the spiral. Place the agate face down on a flat surface and place the spiraled wire over the agate how you like it.

Agate Napkin Rings for Holiday
Agate Napkin Rings for Thanksgibing

Now, take your hot glue gun and glue two of the metal wires to the agate. Make sure it’s well attached by wiggling the spiral around slighty to coat the glue evenly.

Agate Napkin Rings Glue

Let it cool for a minute and you’re all finished. Repeat and make enough agate napkin rings for all your guests!

Beautiful Agate Napkin Rings

These DIY agate napkin rings couldn’t be easier and you can get fun colored stones that match your napkins perfectly, or you can just buy an assortment like I did and take your chances with random! Either way, you’ll be sure to impress your family and friends with this one, and I’m sure they will all be dying to make their own agate napkin rings for their next dinner party!

Classic Agate Napkin Rings