A touch of turquoise from Julie Couch

What’s not to love in this living room designed by Nashville’s Julie Couch? The relatively a small space is  decorated with so much attention and dedication, that transforms  this room  in an elegant and sophisticate living space. I looked for several minutes at these pictures, but I couldn’t find a piece of furniture or decoration that doesn’t match the rest of them. The gray walls emphasize the white outline of  the doors and big windows, and the two colors curtains match the gorgeous furniture with its elegant details.

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My favorite pieces of furniture are the chairs from the left side of the room, because they have an unique contour which makes them so special and elegant.  In the second picture we can remark an extraordinary mirror above the fireplace, with its marvelous frame that represents  an important decorative detail in the living room. In the right corner of the room we can see a cabinet made from reconditioned wood, a piece of furniture where the owner can arrange her favorite decorative turquoise objects.

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Speaking of colors , we can see that the owner has a passion for  turquoise. She painted  the walls in matt tones, she used  antique wood and neutral color tapestries to let turquoise do its job, to emphasize the good taste, being the only splash of color in this room besides the vase with flowers. Attention to details and the combination between furniture and decorative elements  makes from this living room the perfect space where you can truly  feel at home.