A stylish chair inspired by the sea

This beautiful chair was designed by Branca-Lisboa. It has a very stylish and elegant look and its design was inspired by nature. More exactly, the shape of the chair resembles a seashell, an element that has inspired designs throughout the years with its beauty and delicacyThe sea-inspired design of this chair allows it have an artistic and sculptural look and to be eye-catching in a delicate and elegant manner.

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But there’s more to this design than looks. Given the fact that it was inspired by such a common and basic element, the chair has a timeless design that will be just as beautiful many years from now. This is also because of its simplicity. This chair is very versatile and it’s something that can be sued both indoors and outdoors.

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The chair would beautifully complement any deck, terrace or garden. Its shape and design allow it to have a close connection to nature, also due to the materials sued to make it. For extra comfort, Branca-Lisboa also added cylindrical cushions to the design. The cushions are white and contrast with the chair itself, giving it a nautical feel. It’s a beautiful piece that would look wonderful in classical and contemporary spaces. Use it as a focal point, in which case a single piece would be best, or in pairs or sets of three, four and more.