A Floor with Terrace and Garden

An entire floor that looks like a house with a garden is something that definitely draws the attention. It is a clever idea that was successfully put into practice and the result was the first floor of a building that also has a terrace. It is a great solution, which provides enough space to enjoy the outside, the possibility of spending free time in a pleasant way, outdoors.

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The floor in the picture is very modern; the rooms include not only a living space, but also all sorts of details that turn a common house into a home with personality. The brick walls are generally white and simple, but there are also some dark walls, like a splash of color in a white environment. The furniture pieces have a special style, a modern trend that characterizes the entire space; the wooden ceiling beams give the rustic character of the house, while the white and neutral colors reveal a warm, welcoming place.

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The entire space is functional; the inside is an example of style, having everything a home needs, from the necessary things to the smallest details that animate the atmosphere, providing that mood that only distinguished places have. Everything seems to exist in order to make people feel comfortable and enjoy the time spent in this singular space. The terrace is the perfect place to spend time in the air with your friends and family.{found on MiCasa}