Turning The Attic Into A Bedroom – 50 Ideas For A Cozy Look

Attics are often used for storage or remain empty but, the more you think about it the more you realize it’s a huge waste of space to do that. If you clean it up a little you can turn it into an extra room, perhaps a bedroom for the kids or for guests. There may not be as much natural light in there because of the small windows and the walls may be difficult to work with because of the angle but these are not necessarily inconveniences. They can very well be the details that make the room feel cozy.

The exposed wooden beams match the windows and the floor

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Try a more modern approach with a minimalist décor
Use white on the walls to make the space feel larger and brighter
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Blue is a relaxing color, perfect for a bedroom
Make the most of the space you have. Here, a cozy sleeping nook was designed
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A fireplace would surely add warmth to the bedroom

Attics can be very cozy and even though they are sometimes perceived as creepy and cold, they would make a great bedroom. Here are some ideas of how you can transform an attic into a cozy and inviting extra bedroom. Take a look at the pictures and maybe they will inspire you to start your own project.

If the attic is small, a simple color palette including white would suit it well
Use old suitcases and trunks to add some vintage charm to the room
If you could also design a balcony for the bedroom it would be even better
An attic bedroom gives you the opportunity to build skylights
Hide the storage areas for a clean and bright look
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Add some color to the room to bring it to life

There’s really no reason why the attic should stay empty. If there’s not any special reason why you need that space for storage then there should be no reason why you couldn’t turn it into a lovely bedroom. There are some basic steps to follow in order to complete such a project. First you would have to remove anything you might have stored there. Then, when the space is empty, apply a new coat of paint on the walls. You should try to brighten up the place. Use colors such as yellow or green for a fresh look.

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A touch of glamor wouldn’t hurt either. The chandelier is beautiful here
Turn the attic into a princess’ bedroom with a canopy bed and elegant details
Adjust the design to the architecture of the building and consider custom furniture
You can turn the attic into a chic guest room
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An interesting design with two windows, one above the other
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It would be a huge waste of space not to turn the attic into an extra room
White attic bedroom with green and blue accents
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A very casual décor with a mattress placed directly on the floor
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Orange is a very cheerful color, great for the attic
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Some wallpaper could also cheer up the space

Next furnish the place. It might be difficult to get the furniture in there so make a plan first and make sure you know where each piece should stay because it’s going to be hard to change anything after that. You don’t need much, just a cozy bed and a nightstand, maybe a closet and a table as well.

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Be creative and draw on the walls for a customized look
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Bright colors and pastel shades are especially great for attic bedrooms
Include pattern into your décor to avoid a look that’s too simple
Play with contrasting colors to crate focal points in the room
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Vertical stripes will make the walls seem taller
The wooden ceiling and floor make the room feel extra cozy
Include whatever type of furniture you find comfy
The robust beams and columns have become a beautiful part of the décor
Modern attic bedroom with a sharp and vibrant look
Don’t over think the design. Sometimes simple is better
A very relaxing and organic-looking deor
You can improvise and add character to the room in your own way
With a more complex makeover you can even change the architecture of the space
A fluffy rug would make the room feel incredibly cozy
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Include the basics but don’t neglect style
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There’s a lot of wood in this attic and lots of elegant features too
Natural materials can give the space a rustic feel
Save floor space by storing things on the walls
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A few little well-planned accent details can totally change the atmosphere
Bold colors give the room a dynamic look
For a relaxing ambiance, think bright colors and beautiful prints
Make the space feel cozy with the right material combination
Although tiny, this attic bedroom looks very bright and airy
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Built-in nightstands maintain the overall minimalist look
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Make your own artwork to display on the walls
An unusually large window for an attic, beautifully framed by curtains

Finally, add some decorations and you’re done. Since there are exposed beams on the ceiling you can use them to create a romantic project that you would be able to see every night before you go to bed. You can use these pictures as inspiration or come up with your own project.