5 unusual bedside table replacers

Bedside tables have a specific function. But even so they are not irreplaceable. All they do is provide some storage space for a book, magazine, for the alarm clock or the phone and a space to display the bedside lamp. If you have a creative mind you can find lots of different ways of replacing a traditional bedside table with something original and unusual. Here are five inspiring ideas.

1. Bedside ladder.

Unusual bedside table5

A ladder can be very useful if you have an open mind. If you analyze it for a while you’ll see that it has everything you require from a nightstand. It even has more levels and thus provides more storage space. Just let in lean against the wall and place your lamp on the level that you like. The rest of the space can be used for the alarm clock, books or anything else you like to keep close to you when you go to sleep.

2. Bedside chair.

Unusual bedside table5

At one point, everyone has chairs that they don’t use anymore. They become a surplus of furniture and instead of just throwing them out or using up all your storage space with them you can just repurpose the chairs. A chair would make a great nightstand. It has a flat seat and that can be used to display the lamp and to also place other items usually found on a nightstand. The backrest will provide extra support in case the lamp or anything else gets out of balance.

3. Beside bucket.

Unusual bedside table5

This is one of the most unusual nightstand replacements. It seems odd but a bucket will be perfect to store magazines and even books. It provides ample storage space and it can be placed on exactly the level you want it to be at. It lacks the flat top but you can attach a lamp to the wall or the bucket itself to solve the problem. A bucket is an unusual but original nightstand replacement and it would be a statement piece for the bedroom.

4. Bedside trunks.

Unusual bedside table5

Old trunks are not something you should want to throw out. They make beautiful statement pieces for any type of interior. They would also make great nightstand replacements. Just stack three or more trunks on top of one another and they’ll be a great piece for the bedroom. Their vintage look will enhance the cozyness and warmth of the décor.

5. Bedside drum.

Unusual bedside table5

Music lovers will find this idea particularly clever. If you have a drum set that you don’t need or that doesn’t function anymore you can take it apart and use the big drum as a nightstand for the bedroom. It has an artistic touch and it also has the right dimensions. Also, it doesn’t need any improvements. You can just use it as it is.{picture sources:1. LivingEtc 2. Elle Decor, 3. Nordstrom via Pinterest, 4. Skona Hem via Apartment Therapy, 5. Elle Decor}.