5 Ideas to decorate the home staircase

Does your house have some kind of staircase? Then this article would certainly give you few tips to make that stairway look attractive and pleasant. The staircase may lead up from the living area to the private bedrooms of the upper floors, may lead down to the basement, or may lead you to the main door of your house from the external gateway. Where ever the staircase is present if you decorate kit appropriately it would not only add a tinge of attractiveness to the otherwise dull appearance of the staircase but also enhance the look of the entire house and comprehend it with the otherwise exquisite interiors of your nest.Listed below are 5 simple ideas, which would make your stairway, look fabulous.

Carpet staircaseView in gallery

Carpet the stairway: By placing, a bright and elegant carpet along the middle of the stairs would certainly serve two purposes. Primarily it would enhance the look of the stairway and secondly it would serve as a protection to the stairs, which have to bear the weight of numerous feet running up and down.

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Adorn the walls: the walls, which run adjacent to the staircase, can be adorned with beautiful and smart artwork. You could also hang your family pictures along the wall and create nostalgia each time you use the staircase.

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Paint the walls: in case you do not want to hand any wall hangings on the stairway wall then you could add some color by painting in some nice bright and bold shades.

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Add a bit of nature: placing pots of plants along the stairs would not only make you feel amongst nature but also add a bit of flora and fauna to the stairway. However, make sure that you do not place too many pots, which would make the place, look congested and hinder the walking area.

Staircase lightingView in gallery

Light up the stairway: any staircase certainly requires sufficient lighting. You could play around with the lights a little by adding some colored lights, which would make the place look a little more pleasant.

I hope that the above few decorating up staircase ideas would help you get rid of the monotony along the stairway.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,and 5}.