5 funny furniture pieces by KamKam

A radical idea from the Korean design studio KamKam. The furniture series they have created is fun, colorful, attractive and, most of all, cute. It would be the perfect design for a kid’s room, that is if you are willing to give up this lovely furniture for him.

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I have to say, for someone who leaves her clothes all over the room, I could really see myself arranging my t – shirts and pants in this funny cabinets. Just think about this: you could teach your kid to be clean and neat and all you have to do is buy him the right furniture.Not only that it is colorful and fresh, but it is not furniture per se. It’s more like a mix between clothes and furniture, between useful and decorative. With furniture like this in the room, there’s no way you can stay sad more than 10 seconds. But unless you’re willing to buy it, don’t show these pictures to your kid, because there’s going to be trouble.