2011 Christmas decoration trends

Christmas is just a few weeks away and everybody is busy digging the attic and cupboards for the previous year’s Christmas decorative items to use again this year. This would be the ritual, in most households being followed religiously year after year. Don’t you think it is boring using the same old items to decorate the house every year? I think it is high time we wake up and look out for the latest trends in decorations this year.

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Like in clothing, cosmetics, hairdos, makeup, footwear and so on Christmas decorations too have their changing trends. A new combination of silver and green has caught up this year.  The combination seems just awesome to give that fairy look to your house. In case you are choosing a theme to decorate your house this festive season you could use these two colors to deck up your home and Christmas tree. Believe me it really gives a soft grand look to the entire house.

Purple metallic christmas decoration

Turquoise With Green or Brown Christmas Decoration Trends.

Turquoise With Green or Brown are also the trendy colors this season. There are tablecloths with printed designs using these colors, which are very popular this season. A good taste of a tablecloth just adds a little bit of more grandeur to the entire meal spread out on the table. Christmas is all about gifting, beautifully made candle cards are very popular this year too, and they make an amazing gift as well as wall decoration just to hang up.

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Gold and Metalic Christmas Decoration Trends.

Everyone is talking of energy saving to save the world so why not we do our small part to save the beautiful Earth by using LED lights to light up our Christmas tree and walls. So 2011 Christmas decoration trends is fashion combined with responsibility. Christmas without those pretty fragranced and non-fragranced candles is incomplete. Any fashion may come and go but that age-old candles still remain a major part of the Christmas decorations. They are a symbol of bonding and add warmth and light to every relationship.

Purple metallic christmas decorationView in gallery

Purple and Silver Christmas Decoration Trend.

Go ahead folks, explore, and indulge by decorating your house in the latest style yet keeping in mind the age-old tradition of Christmas, which is spreading love and joy!