15 Beautiful DIY Coffee Tables

The coffee table is the element that brings together all the other furniture in the living room so it has a very important role. This puts huge pressure on the one choosing the design. But here’s an idea: instead of counting on somebody else to elevate your living room to the rank of a stylish and homey space, why not you be the one that does it with a DIY coffee table?

Copper Tubing Coffee Table.

Diy neon coffee table

This is a copper tubing coffee table and to make it, you first have to cut the tubing down to 4 legs. Then spray the MDF with white paint, add masking tape and apply the colored paint. Finally, attach the legs and the coffee table is complete.{found on designsponge}.

Log Slice Coffee Table.

Coffee table

For a little touch of rustic beauty to the living room, you can make a log slice table. First you’ll have to acquire the log and then to cut a 5’’ slice for the table top. Give it a nice smooth finish and apply three coats of acrylic for protection. Attach the legs and that’s all.{found on seakettle}.

Pallet Coffee Table.

Pallet glass ontop coffee table

Another easy project is to make a coffee table out of a wooden pallet. Take off the bottom row and cut it down a bit if you don’t like the dimensions. Lift up a bit the pallet with some pieces of wood and attach castors. Then put a piece of glass on top of the table and you’re done.{found on katrinaleechambers}.

Industrial Coffee Table.

Industrial side table

If your living room’s décor demands a coffee table with an industrial design, then this one would be perfect. To make it, trim 4 legs and 8 rails from L angles. Make sure the ends are smooth. Connects the legs to the rails with bolts and nuts and then attach a piece of plywood to the base to make the tabletop.{found on lowes}.

Wire Coffee Table.

Wire coffee table

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This coffee table looks so good it’s hard to believe it’s a DIY project. It’s made of wire deck and cable ties. An acrylic sheet is used for the tabletop. Sand down the sheet to make it smooth and cloudy and set it on the wire deck with the sanded side facing down.{found on lowes}.

Junk Trunk To Coffee Table.

Tiffany Co  spray painted steamer trunk

Old trunks are very mysterious and very beautiful so it’s easy to imagine how one would make a perfect coffee table. One option is to give the trunk a makeover and to paint it. First clean up the trunks then apply a basecoat of white spray paint, let it dry and apply the colored paint.{found on diyshowoff}.

Old Door Coffee Table.

Old door coffee table

Other things can also be repurposed as coffee tables. For example, this table once used to be a door. To make something similar, cut down the door and use the leftover pieces to make the sides of the table. Then add another piece of wood to the bottom to make the shelf. The doorknob is optional.{found on killerbdesigns}.

Wire Spool & Metal Tub Coffee Table.

Spool table

This is a metal tub and wire spool coffee table. A spool top is a perfect element to use on a coffee table. It makes a great round tabletop. For the base, the metal tub was also a great choice. Together, these elements give the table a rustic-industrial look.{found on lizmarieblog}.

Crate Coffee Table.

Crate coffee table

You can also make a coffee table out of things that usually get throws away such as wooden wine crates. You can make a lovely table out of 4 crates. Stain them, screw them into place and attach them to the frame. It’s actually that easy.{found on honestlydyea}.

Painted Wood Stumps.

Painted stump coffee table

Tree stumps are always interesting because they’re all unique. So, naturally, a coffee table made from a stump would be a one-of-a-kind item as well. First you have to find a tree stump that you like, make sure it sits nice on the ground, paint it and place it in the living room.{found on thriftyandchic}.

Wooden Spool Coffee Table.


For this table you first need to find an old wooden spool. Clean it, make some holes and insert dowels in them and then stain it or paint it. You’ll be able to use it as a coffee table as well as a unique bookcase. The dowels delimitate storage compartments in which you can put books, magazines and all sorts of other things.{found on thecrafterscottage}.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table.

Reclaimed wood coffee table

This beautiful coffee table has a very nice vintage charm. It’s made of wood from an old gate door. It was taken apart and the pieces were then used to make the frame for the table. the tabletop is glass which allows you to see the entire piece from above.{found on salvagedior}.

Brick Log Coffee Table.

Brick log coffee table

The tree stump coffee table was very interesting but it can be difficult to find a stump of that size. Finding smaller ones is, however, a little easier. So how about a birch log coffee table? cut the logs all the same size and then attach them to the frame.{found on bhg}.

Chicken Crate Coffee Table.

Crate chicket

An old chicken crate is not something you see every day nowadays. It’s not useful anymore if you take into consideration the intended purpose but it can still be repurposed as, for example, a coffee table. Simply attach castors to the wooden base and that’s all.{found on site}.

Wine Barrel Coffee Table.

Wine barrel

As we’ve mentioned before, wine barrels are very versatile and they always look great when repurposed as furniture. You can easily transform a wine barrel into a coffee table by simply adding a glass tabletop. If the barrel is too large you can cut it down to size.{found on champagneblog}.