125 Living Room Design Ideas: Focusing On Styles And Interior Décor Details

Exposed beam living rooms.

Exposed beams always bring a certain rustic touch to a décor. However, they’re not associated with a single style. Exposed beams can either have an industrial flair or they can add warmth and coziness to a room making it look rustic or vintage. There’s also not a universal design for exposed beams. Some of the most authentic-looking are made of wood and have a natural finish but they can also be painted to create a uniform look.

Brick wall modern living room
Strong contrasts and a traditional decor

Here, the exposed beams are like an internal wooden frame for this space. They also create a strong contrast against the crisp white walls. Judging from some of the main elements found here, this looks like a traditional living room with a rustic feel.

Brick wall modern living room
A warm space surrounded by wooden features

In this case, the exposed beams no longer contrast with the walls and ceiling. They rather naturally integrate into the décor as the ceiling is also entirely covered in wood. Then we also have the wooden floors and all the wooden furniture.

Brick wall modern living room
Parallel beams and an earthy color palette

This is a simpler décor, also featuring exposed wooden beams. In this case, the beams only cover the ceiling and have been placed parallel to each other. Their color matches some of the furniture and integrates well into the whole warm, earthy palette.

Brick wall modern living room
Mediterranean living room with cathedral ceilings

This living room has a formal interior décor. The cathedral ceilings have a very beautiful impact on the room and the exposed beams reduce the drama and contribute to an overall inviting décor. The same color and material and even a similar pattern to that of the beams have been used for the rest of the interior.

Brick wall modern living room
A soft background interrupted by the ceiling beams

This living room has an all-cream décor. The walls, the ceiling and the furniture all feature very similar colors. To break the monotony, a stronger color was introduced but still in the same earthy, warm palette. It was used for the parallel beams and for the wooden floors.

Brick wall modern living room
Extremely bright residence with Mediterranean influences

The first thing anyone would notice about this room is the huge amount of natural sunlight coming through the windows. The arched windows cover a considerable percentage of the walls. Their frames match the exposed wooden beams in the ceiling.

Brick wall modern living roomLots of natural light and a very inviting décor

What’s striking about this living room is the fact that it has an entire wall occupied by windows. They let in lots of natural light and the room becomes light, airy and warm. This effect is enhanced by the color palette and by the presence of the exposed beams.

Brick wall modern living room
A wooden living room with stone fireplace

There are many elements to be admired in this room. One of them is that wonderful stone fireplace. We also notice the fact that the room is almost entirely wrapped in wood. The exposed beams in the ceiling become almost unnoticeable because of that.

Brick wall modern living room
Dark wood contrasting with a light interior décor

In this Mediterranean-influenced living room the contrast between the beamwork and the cream-color décor is very strong but also very elegant. The coffee table also creates a very chic focal point and brings the same dark stained wood into the center of attention.

Brick wall modern living room
Traditional patterns and beautiful cathedral ceilings

Here we have the same type of cathedral ceilings we saw earlier. It also features the same type of exposed beams with a dark stain. The contrast in this case is less striking because the room is darker than in the other case.

Brick wall modern living room
Rustic charm with modern influences

This living room tends to have a certain rustic appeal because of those exposed wooden beams and the way they look. However, there are also other elements that make the décor seem slightly modern, elements such as the two matching sofas. Still, the style remains traditional.

Brick wall modern living room
Contemporary remodel with many preserved features

Even though this space has been remodeled it still features many elements that have been preserved. They include the exposed beams, the flooring and a few other details. They contrast with all the contemporary additions but they’re also a mark of the past.

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