125 Living Room Design Ideas: Focusing On Styles And Interior Décor Details

Traditional living rooms.

Traditional living rooms usually feature a color palette based on neutral tones such as creams, beige and brown. Also, their interior decors tend to be symmetrical. The furniture usually has delicate curves and elegant forms and the whole décor is balanced and harmonious. The attention to details is another element that distinguishes traditional living rooms from some of the other styles.

Wall design living room tradtional style
Neutral living room with soft lighting

This is a classic example of a traditional living room. The color palette is neutral, the décor is somewhat symmetrical and the whole room looks very elegant. The fireplace and the chandelier make the atmosphere warm and inviting.

Wall design living room tradtional style
Dark living room with architectural millwork

In here the color palette shifts towards darker tones and it mostly based on browns. The embossed leather and cherry panels and rich textures make the room feel very elegant. Also, the architectural millwork is another typical detail of this style.

Wall design living room tradtional style
Traditional living room with vintage details

This is a rather eclectic living room but the traditional style is however dominant. The color palette includes greys and beiges and there are also a few vintage pieces such as the coffee table made from reclaimed railroad ties.

Wall design living room tradtional style
Neutral furnishings with rich textures

This is an almost entirely cream living room. Neutral furnishings, however, can become bland. In this case the rich textures and the smooth contrasts prevent that from happening. Also, the color palette along with the large windows make the room feel very bright.

Wall design living room tradtional style
High ceilings and formal elegance

This particular living room impresses on several levels. It has rich but soft colors, beautiful textures and seems very light despite the robust furniture. The delicate curves of the coffee table are typical to traditional elegance.

Wall design living room tradtional style
Pleasant light and balanced colors

The lighting is very important in any interior design. Here, even though the windows aren’t particularly large, the ambiance is very light and pleasant. The décor is simple and the furniture doesn’t overwhelm the room.

Wall design living room tradtional style
Modern farmhouse with elegant accent pieces

This is a small living room but it manages to avoid being cluttered by featuring furniture in appropriate dimensions and forms. The focal point is the white sofa and the matching armchair, complemented by the decorative pillows and the contrast between the white walls and the wooden floor.

Wall design living room tradtional style
Cozy living room with traditional patterns and colors
Wall design living room tradtional style
A simpler living room with a more airy and light interior

The color palette here is purely traditional. The wooden brown panels create an elegant background for the fireplace and wall decorations while the two matching sofas and curtains feature a lighter color but still in the same tone.

Wall design living room tradtional style
Unexpected combination of colors with a refreshing effect

The combination of green and beige or light brown is unusual and unexpected and, in this case, it maintains the elegance of the décor while also adding a fresh and bold but still subtle contrast. The symmetrical artwork is another classic detail for traditional interiors.

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