Vanessa Mancini’s booktub

It’s always fun to see what ingenious designers have come up with. Today we came across a very interesting creation. It’s a very unusual combination between a bathtub and a pile of books. It’s a booktub. This unconventional piece was designed by Vanessa Mancini. She decided to give us the opportunity to literally soak in knowledge. The “Bath of Knowledge” features a metal frame on which all sorts of books have been layered. Of course, it’s not the type of tub you would like to out water into. As you can imagine, those are regular books that would instantly be destroyed if water was to cover them. Nevertheless, the concept is very interesting.

It would be fun to further develop this concept and maybe come up with a design that would allow the books to be immune to water. This way you could have the perfect combination. You would be able to relax in the tub while reading a good book. But until waterproof books will be created, all we can do is dream about that.

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Vanessa Mancini’s ingenious creation is made almost entirely out of books. Each book has been cut and fitted by the artist herself. It was a long and difficult task but the result is very impressive. The books have then been layered onto a metal frame that rests on four antique feel shaped like lions. This is yet another interesting detail. I wonder if the had also chosen a certain type of books to include in her creation.{found on inhabitat}.

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Posted in Bathtub on February 24, 2012

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