The modern-industrial Finn chandelier

When it comes to chandeliers, people usually have in mind those antique pieces with their timeless designs and impressive structures. However, there are also modern options for the same type of fixtures. An example of such a modern product is Finn, a modern-industrial chandelier with a simple but attractive design.

The chandelier is inspired by mid-century Scandinavian designs but it’s a more simplified version of those. It’s made of powder-coated aluminum with a gloss finish and a fabric-wrapped cord. It feature three black lamp heads with white interiors. The chandelier has adjustable height so it can accommodate to any type of home. It also includes a 6’’ and three 12’’ extensions.

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Because it has three lam heads, it takes three 60Q bulbs. The overall dimensions of the Finn chandelier are 39.5″diam. x 36.5″-73″h. the canopy includes swivel joint that allows you to accommodate it to angled ceilings. It seems like the designer of this piece has it all figured out. Because it requires installation, professional help is recommended. The Fin chandelier is available in only two colors: black and white. You can purchase it for EUR313.03. The design of this chandelier makes it especially great for the dining room, hanging above the dining room table. It would also look nice in the living room or in a large hallway.

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Posted in Lighting on November 17, 2011

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