The Bucket Barstool

I can enjoy a nice idea and innovations that use old ideas or objects and turn them into something new by simply adding a touch of personality or changing their appearance a bit. However, this “innovation” attempt can go to extremes and the designers only create a ridiculous product when trying to do something innovative. Like this unusual bar stool that is made … out of a metal bucket. You know the buckets used by farmers when they used to milk the cows. Well, just add four pieces of wood for the legs and a comfortable seat and you have the “Bucket barstool”.

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This unique bar stool was created by a couple of young designers of Scandinavian origins, who are working in South Africa at the moment. They try to combine handmade elements with machine made ones and create something original. I personality appreciated their originality when creating this product, but I don’t think I would ever use this barstool when actually sipping my soda at the bar.

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Posted in Design And Concept on March 8, 2011

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4 Responses to “The Bucket Barstool”

  • kerry says:

    Where are these bucket barstool available for purchase?

  • StefanStefan says:

    Did you check the site ?

  • Claire Wynne says:

    These stools are not from designers of Scandinavian origin working in South AFrica. They are 100% SA design, from the company Pedersen + Lennard, who are South AFrican furniture designers.

  • Loredana Sava says:

    I did not make this information up. Check the “about” section in the Pendersen+Lennard company web site and you will see they say about their Scandinavian origins. Any way, the product is what’s important, not their origins.