Stylish and vintage table lamp

Here’s an example of how you can adapt vintage features to create something new and elegant. There is nothing wrong with loving antiques. It is actually a quality that not many people have. This wonderful table lamp has a very distinguished look that will definitely make it noticeable. It has a very soft and beautiful water lily pattern, which, in combination with the fragile glass on which it’s painted, creates an artistic image that reminds of the eternal stained glass.

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Everything about it is special, even it might not look like that. It doesn’t have an unusual shape and it is not made of strange materials or patters but still, it has something special, something ineffable that you can’t miss. I guess you could even define it as extravagant in a certain measure. It is a precious item that takes you back in time. It’s so much more than just a simple table lamp. It an art piece that almost demands to be contemplated.Available for 224$.

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Posted in Lighting on April 1, 2011

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