Shell Inlay Side table

Nobody likes being said “Your house looks just like X’s house!” and that is because all people try to arrange their house in a personal style that would reflect their personality and style. And they want to imprint it on their house and make it unique. However, if you purchase only standard furniture and home accessories, you will stand a chance of being told the above mentioned words. So if you want your house to be unique and personalized, you just need to find one of a kind pieces of furniture or accessories. For example this Shell Inlay Side table from E- mosaik is perfect because it is unique, as it is hand crafted and has a peculiar design.


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It is gently carved in wood and inlaid with mother of pearl shell, having some very interesting features that suggest Indian influences. And since the elephant is an Indian symbol, you can see it appear here, in the most unusual and unexpected way, on the three legs of the table. The elephant head is carved in wood and attached to each table leg, with all the details, including the trunks of the animal. The round table is further embellished with white decorations of birds, leaves and other stylized drawings, offering a wonderful overall effect. You can buy the item for $650.

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Posted in Living Room on January 17, 2012

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