Out of balance stool by Thorsten Franck

If your purpose in the process of decorating your home is to create a strong visual impact using eye-catching designs, then this stool might be your type. However, this is not the most important aspect, especially considering the fact that you’ll be living a long time in there.Created by the German designer Thorsten Franck, the “Out of balance” stool is definitely an interesting piece of furniture.

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The stool has a very unusual design. As the name says, keeping your balance on this stool might be a challenge. It has a playful design that is attractive at first but not so much later. The stool is built like egg shells with a weight at the bottom for balance. However, as interesting as it might sound and look, this is not the best choice for those who actually plan on using it. The stool is not that comfortable and this is a very important aspect. If this problem could get solved, then it would be a really cool design.

Out of balance stool by Thorsten Franck

The stool was created using oak veneer and a special 3D forming technology. Other than the unusual shape, the design is rather simple. It has a quiet natural color, except for the colorful top where several tone of red are available. The stool was initially designed for rocking, sitting and relaxing. You might have fun rocking and sitting on this stool, but when it comes to the “relaxing” part you can just have fun trying because it’s never going to happen.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on June 1, 2011

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