5 Design Ideas for an Immaculate Dining Room

Arranging a room in order to make it look nice is not as easy as it may seem. You might have lots of nice things that you can buy from the store but they do not always get well together and also they do not always fit the general look of the room or house. So the most important job of an interior designer is to bring the best things that can fit the room and the general idea, so that they can all look great together. Aaron Hom is a professional and a good one I may say and he succeeded having a well-known reputation in this tough world of interior designer.

1.The most important feature in the design of this dining room is to pick only white things in order to get an immaculate look. Then all the whiteness gets enough contrast from the light brown floor and the dark beams on the white ceiling. This way you get a classic design and a very beautiful dining room. Here are some of the items Aaron Hom used to obtain the best visual effect for the project: the Nelson Bubble lamp, all round and big, hanging from the ceiling, making sure you can’t miss it, then it’s the marble table and the tulip chairs, the white walls and cupboard and the extra details that bring personality to a room. I like it because it screams cleanliness and purity and it also shows class and elegance.

2. This time Marcelo Brito Design shows us that you can have different kinds of white, with a different look every time. The vintage furniture is completed by the nostalgic wooden framed pictures on the walls and the table surrounded by eight chairs seems to wait for the family members to come for a joyful dinner. The whole room is white and immaculate and this blinding whiteness is only disrupted by the lamp hanging from the ceiling.

3. This is the modern and cosmopolitan white dining room, with a splendid view over the city from the top of a tall building, offered by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech. The round small dining table brings all people together and created a warm and cozy atmosphere. The chairs are big and comfortable, covered in elegant white leather. Everything in the room says elegance and style, expensive accessories and good taste. The big black ceiling lamp only completes the scene.

4. This dining room reminds me of the winter days, but in a good way. You can almost feel the comfort and the still lingering warmth of the human bodies on those incredibly beautiful chairs. Every piece of furniture is carefully chosen and arranged with impeccable taste by Jessica Lagrange. Six Knoll Saarinen chairs sit around a nice UFO table by Ferruccio Laviana. The picture is completed by an amazing Bocci pendant chandelier that gives the whole design a glamorous touch.

5. Last, but not least, the elegant and contemporary dining room by Jonathan Calvert. This arrangement is a bit different because this time black invades white a bit more than in the other room design, but this only enhances the beauty and class of a modern white dining room. The round white table centers the attention and brings the elegant chairs together, all of them beautifully outlined by the black details. The black walls with white accents are the ones surprising you, but for the best and the green chandelier is just what you needed not to get bored with so much black and white.

So, in conclusion, you can find a lot of different ways to design a dining room using only white and every time the result will be great and surprising.

Published by in Living Room, on September 10th, 2012


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