Illusion Side Table by Essey

Once in a life time you probably wished to be a magician. You could have impressed the people with all kind of tricks based on: appearance or disappearance of objects or human beings, destroying and repairing things, transformation, and illusion.

It is a character that creates a magic atmosphere and whom people will always envy him for magic abilities.This type of table designed by John Brauer and produced by Essey , is a special translucent table which creates the illusion that there is real table under its cloth. In reality, there is a table made of acrylic, it has a round shape and its design takes the shape of a cloth that is put on it. It is handmade so it makes you appreciate it more for its personal and unique way of creation.

You may charm your guests with this interesting and modern table, creating a mysterious atmosphere so that they will ask you if they are dreaming or not.