How To Hang Pictures In Your Home’s Hallway

A hallway makes for a great place to hang some pictures of friends and family. Hallways, landings and corridors can be featureless rooms sometimes, so a few pictures can enliven the space. You don’t need to stick to portraits, although these are always popular. Why not create some calming moods by hanging landscape pictures. Abstract artwork usually works well in a hallway setting. If you like the idea of some images in your hallway, it will be a good idea to plan how you intend to arrange them before you make a start. Once you have a strategy, you can alter it as you go, but starting without one can lead to a look that is a bit unorganised and messy.

The Eclectic Look.

If you have decided to stick to one sort of image, maybe happy family occasions, then you may want to make a formal and regular arrangement on you hallway wall. If not, an eclectic looking wall, with varied images, may suit you better. Even if you have some conformity amongst your pictures you can still get the eclectic look by using differing sizes of image and choosing varied frame types. Place your images in such a way that the entire all is covered, top to bottom. Keep the gaps between pictures fairly regular. Hang the largest frames first and then fill the spaces the smaller ones.

The Use of Light.

Not many home’s hallways have an abundance of natural light. The best ones, for picture hanging, will have at least a single window at one end. Skylights are particularly helpful, so long as the light is diffused in some way, since direct sunlight can reflect of glass covered frames. Add lighting either down the middle of the ceiling or with fittings that sit over the picture frames.

Hanging Out?

Most people arrange their pictures by hanging them from picture hooks. Before you hammer a nail into your wall and commit yourself to an arrangement, consider not hanging them at all. A simple ledge, or a shelf, can be an equally good place to show your pictures off as the wall itself. And it will give you plenty of flexibility to rearrange your images. Or, why not mix up shelf mounted pictures with ones that are wall hung?

Regular Arrangements.


Regular geometric arrangements for wall pictures will never go out of fashion. The system will mean it is best to have pictures of a uniform size. It works best in a hallway wall that has no other features, like a window or a door that break up the eye line. Graphical images suit this style of hanging very well.

Curtain Rods.

A novel way of hanging your hallway pictures is to install a curtain rod on one wall. Simply hang your images on the rod with clothes pins, just as you would with a washing line. It offers a great looking and flexible system. Another advantage of pinning out your pictures is that you do not have to pay out for lots of frames.

Twin Parallel Lines.

Create a unified look, which still feels eclectic, by arranging your images with two straight lines. Hang the frames so that the tops of all the bottom row of pictures are at the same height. Mark out a line, parallel to the first, an inch or two above the bottom row with a soft pencil that you can rub away afterwards. Now add a second row of pictures so that the bottom of each frame runs along the line at the same height.

Fun Frames.

Use some fun frame ideas to bring a refreshing look to your artwork arrangements. How about using old books as makeshift photo frames? Alternatively neatly hung clipboards make for an unusual mounting for your pictures.

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