Fruit Bowl Furniture Collection by Hiroomi Tahara

The hardest part when decorating or redecorating a house is choosing the main furniture pieces for example the sofa for the living room or the bed for the bedroom. In an effort to make your job easier, Hiroomi Tahara has designed a very beautiful furniture collection for Japanese manufacturing company Yamakawa Rattan.

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The Fruit Bowl is a collection of a sofa and a few additional ottomans as well as a matching coffee table. These pieces can be combined in any way you want. The collection attempts to bring a modern touch to the traditional designs and patterns. The pieces were handmade using rattan so this makes them particularly appropriate for outdoor use. But if you feel like your home would be able to successfully accommodate them than they would probably look even better indoors. The rattan, in this case, will create a very warn and inviting décor.

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There are several colors available for this collection. The main structure will always be in a quiet tone of beige or vanilla and the cushions of the sofa and of the ottoman come in many different color tones. The idea was to create a collection that allows the user to arrange it and to match it in any way he wants. This means that you have the liberty to choose the pieces you want to incorporate in your design, as well as to create your own design using different cushions that you arrange in any way you want, just like you do with the fruits in a fruit bowl.