Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui is an oreiental phylosophy that has gained a lot of preactitioners all over the world lately. Its main idea is that your spirit and peace is mind is influenced by the way you place objects into your home. The bedroom is one of the most importat rooms in the house because it’s the room where you sleep and regain your force to work and think and face all the challenges of life.

That is why the central piece of this room is the bed that must be comfortable and large enough to provide a good night sleep for you. Another Feng Shui piece of advice for your bedroom is to leave out any other objects that could disturb your inner piece and remind you in any way of your work or problems – like the TV set, computer, desk or any other similar object.

The last image that you see in front of your eyes will influence your sleep for the better or for the worse, depending on what it is. That is why a Feng Shui bedroom will never have the bed facing a door or the bathroom, but it will be more likely to be facing the window. But make sure there are no light sources from the light because this can disturb your sleep and you will wake up even more tired than you had went to bed.

The colour of the walls is very important, as chromo therapy has already been demonstrated scientifically. Feng Shui advice only confirms this one more time, so if you want peace and quiet of mind – paint your bedroom in blue, if you want longevity and s good health – use green, if you want sensuality and financial success – use red and so on.

Plants are welcomed into your bedroom as they bring a small part of nature into your home and this is always beneficial. But do not overcrowd the room with plants because it is not a botanical garden and they can take up all the oxygen and give you headaches.

Any way, these are just a few Feng Shui tips for your bedroom. For further information you should visit more specialized web sites.

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2 Responses to “Feng Shui Bedroom”

  • Angela says:

    That’s a nice article although I wouldn’t worry about the plants – have as many as you want. Yes, when it’s night plants do stop creating oxygen and start giving off carbon dioxide but anyone can go sleep in the woods to confirm that the more you have around you the more refreshing it is. They really only give off a small amount of carbon dioxide compared to the much bigger amount of oxygen they’ll fill the space with in the day so don’t confuse the issue.


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