Feng Shui Bedroom

Perhaps you’ve heard of Feng Shui and of people using this philosophy when they decorate their homes. Basically the whole idea is to create harmony between you and your environment. And if there’s a room where it’s worth to give it a try, that would be the bedroom.

Decorate the room with plants and flowers but in small amounts

First, focus on the bed because that’s the main piece in the room. It should be comfortable and large enough to let you rest and enjoy a good night’s sleep. As for the rest of the room, try to leave out any unnecessary objects that might disturb your inner piece. Don’t let anything remind you of your work so don’t place your desk or computer in the room.

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Match the blinds to your wall color to avoid strong contrasts

The last image you see before you fall asleep will influence your night so don’t place the bed in front of a door or facing the bathroom because it will most likely disturb your sleep.

Bring harmony with a balanced and symmetrical design

Another important element is the color of the walls. If you want peace and quiet and a serene and harmonious room, use blue or, if you prefer freshness, use green.

A fireplace will bring peace and make the room feel very comfortable

Plants are welcomed in the bedroom because they purify the air and they bring you closer to nature. However, don’t use too many because they can also have a negative effect, making the room feel overcrowded and suffocating.

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  • Angela says:

    That’s a nice article although I wouldn’t worry about the plants – have as many as you want. Yes, when it’s night plants do stop creating oxygen and start giving off carbon dioxide but anyone can go sleep in the woods to confirm that the more you have around you the more refreshing it is. They really only give off a small amount of carbon dioxide compared to the much bigger amount of oxygen they’ll fill the space with in the day so don’t confuse the issue.


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